The artist, Rassil El Maghraby is sporting her new album

Kuwaiti artist Rassil El Maghraby prepares to launch her artistic debut from Morocco. Moroccan art scene is preparing to receive a new talent in the world of singing who came from the Gulf and exactly from Kuwait. She is an artist who loves to sing from an early age. She is very ambitious, and her goal is to gain a grassroots base from the different masses of the Arab world.

Artist Rassil El Maghraby is sporting her new album “Ana Wqalbi” “Aalamnahom Yhabo” “Eynih Zaigha”. The album is collaborated with the author “Samir Moujari” whereas he composed for “Nabil Elhouri”.

Rassil El Maghraby
She began her career in 2009, when collaborating in many films and TV Shows like “Harim Abu Sultan”, “Routine”, “Waiting Station”, And concerts in several cities within the Gulf and Morocco. She expressed her love for Morocco and how enthusiastic she is to prepare her new four songs in different styles and rhythms in line with the new distribution we are listening to recently through the current youth wave. What distinguishes her is that she could be a girl United Nations agency reconciles between work and talent, thus she strives to attain her dream.

Rassil El Maghraby
She has a special character and charisma that characterizes her as a glittering energy and service, which is considered a passport to the world of art and music so that she aspires to achieve her position and self. What distinguishes her more is that she is one of the women who reconcile work and talent, so she strives to achieve her dream. The Moroccan public, which is considered the people of Taroub and gives symbolic value to all kinds of art.

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