Braided Rug Company Now Offering Sustainable Decor

Braided Rug Company Now Offering Sustainable Decor

Gwynedd, WAL – For many years, The Braided Rug Company – found at – has been offering unique and organic décor options, specifically the immensely popular jute rug and jute baskets. Britain and the surrounding areas have seen an increased demand for these handwoven decorations, and the company has expanded beyond organic jute materials to an even more sustainable source. They are proud to unveil their new line of rugs and baskets made from recycled plastics – high-quality, comfortable, and available in a variety of designs.

Their products originated from the east coast of the United States, particularly the Carolinas. However, they have since expanded beyond their original rugs and even beyond their second iteration, rugs made of organic jute fibres. They now have a whole line of rugs and baskets made of recycled plastics. They consider the new products as one small but significant step on the way toward a more sustainable planet.

Since 2001, Braided Rug Company has been selling American-made jute rugs and jute baskets. In the beginning, few homeowners possessed or even knew of this style. The company that supplies the rugs for the Braided Rug Company – such as the ones seen at – has been making these plaited carpets for a hundred years now. The style is based on the historic rugs of the early colonial settlers. Since the company’s beginnings, the style has become widely popular across Britain and Europe.

In 2010, the company began creating and selling rugs specifically for the British market, and they used organic jute yarn and fibres to create bold designs and comfortable rugs. They also expanded into organic jute baskets as seen at These baskets are multi-functional and popular for their remarkable design. The baskets and rugs are hand-woven by Bangladeshi basket weavers.

The Braided Rug Company takes pride in their sustainable practices and materials, as well as their support for smaller local economies in rural coastal American cities and Bangladesh. With every rug and basket, as well as every step toward sustainability, the braided rugs become more than just décor. With many different styles available, and a production process that homeowners can feel comfortable supporting, the Braided Rug Company is supplying Britain with a whole new level of style.

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