Kasbah Grill and Kosher Restaurant Now Offering Rosh Hashanah Menu for Dine In and Takeaway

The Kasbah restaurant in NYC has always been the place to visit for real Kosher food in Manhattan, but it offers a lot of options on its menu for all kinds of diners who want nothing but fantastic, delicious food. Today, the restaurant is also proud to offer a new Rosh Hashanah menu for both dine in and takeaway as well as delivery.

UNITED STATES – New York is definitely a place which has a lot to offer in terms of dining and entertainment, and the city has plenty in store for those who are looking for delectable food. But those who are looking for Kosher delicacies can turn to one restaurant which has been serving numerous customers for years: the Kasbah Restaurant and BBQ Grill. The restaurant opened its doors more than 30 years ago, and it continues to delight the most selective customers and diners today with its collection of dishes that are sure to satisfy the palate.

The Kasbah Grill is famous for its steaks and ribs, but it is also gaining new ground when it comes to its selection of sushi and tempura rolls and platters as well as its deli sandwiches and other hearty sandwich offerings. But apart from this, the restaurant has been the scene of many a party and special event through the years, including plenty of Jewish celebrations and occasions.

One occasion which any customer can readily celebrate at the Kasbah is Rosh Hashanah, and the restaurant is now happy to confirm that it is now offering a delicious Rosh Hashanah menu for diners as well as delivery and takeaway customers.

The Rosh Hashanah menu featured at the Kasbah comes with two options, with the first menu featuring a bottle of Kiddush wine, challah, coleslaw and pickles, and assorted soft drinks, as well as sweet potato salad, gefilte fish and horseradish, and Caesar salad. The menu also features chicken soup with noodles and matzo balls, and the family-style main course includes homemade herb-roasted chicken, prime cut pepper-crusted brisket with a Kentucky bourbon sauce, and side dishes comprised of Basmati rice, Israeli salad, and sweet mashed potatoes. For dessert, customers can enjoy an assorted cake platter with tea and coffee as well. The second menu features the same selection as the first menu along with grilled salmon, crispy beef cigars, crispy chicken schnitzel, and more.

About the company:

The Kasbah restaurant and Kosher BBQ Grill has a lot to offer anyone looking for the best steaks, deli sandwiches, sushi rolls, and more in the heart of Manhattan. Its pricing is also affordable and offers great value for money as its portions are more than enough for the hungriest diner. For more on one of the top kosher restaurants NYC offers, visit the website.

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