Thirty Twice Tiny Tales of Terror by Samuel J. Chiodo Jr.

Thirty Twice Tiny Tales of Terror by Samuel J. Chiodo Jr.

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Thirty Twice Tiny Tales of Terror is a unique collection of short stories. These brief observations of life and its grotesque, greedy and sometimes grandiose behaviors, open the door to other realms of possibility. A quick yet comprehensive peek at the human heart, TTTTOT creates nods and smiles among its readers. Author/pharmacist Chiodo and his quirky flair for expressing his views on humankind has been compared to Rod Serling. The tales reflect man’s obsession with money, power, freedom.

Are you afraid of the dark?  One would probably have the same question if you have perused the sources: X-Files and the renowned Twilight Zone. These are only two of the many childhood series that caused everyone sleepless nights! Author Samuel Chiodo pens a literary piece that will give readers’ hearts and minds a myriad of thrills to create goosebumps and even intense fear – THIRTY TWICE TINY TALES OF TERROR.

The author branded his own writing and utilized his professional experience of being a pharmacist, speaking to the book’s peculiarity and mystery. Suspense thriller … mystery and horror … these themes may not be new to everyone, but Chiodo came up with a collection of innovative and skin-crawling masterpieces.

THIRTY TWICE TINY TALES OF TERROR is one of the books that defy the norms of horror, where Chiodo’s goal is clearly manifested based on plot twists.

THIRTY TWICE TINY TALES OF TERROR is a unique piece incorporated with the author’s field of specialty. Portraying grotesque and unlikely behaviors of humankind makes this a pleasurable piece in which to indulge. With Rod Serling as his main influence, it is not impossible that this book could reach success comparable to Serling’s. As a retired pharmacist who has dedicated 50 years of his life to writing and observing, everyone can expect more mind-boggling stories and treats!

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