Talented photographer shows tourists the great places in Amsterdam through the lens

Experienced photographer and founder of Amsterdam Photo Walks, Olaf Reinen, sets up a unique style of photography tour in Amsterdam to explore the city while learning photography

Olaf Reinen, previously of Santorini Photo Tours, is an experienced photographer that has captured the different sights and scenes of the beautiful city of Amsterdam. In line with his goal of providing tourists and travelers with the best possible experience while in Amsterdam, Olaf has launched his unique style of photography tours, which is scheduled to commence in August. The tour is designed to take travelers on a photo walk, teaching them how to take better pictures while also seeing the sights of Amsterdam and great places to get the best possible pictures.

One of the beauties of traveling is learning new things, with the experience getting even better when the scenes are captured to record our memories. Unfortunately, many travellers find it difficult to capture each moment of their trip as desired, due to the inadequate knowledge of using the camera, even with the best camera phones. Olaf is, however, looking to change this narrative with the launch of a photography guide company.

Olaf started Santorini Photo tours with the aim of helping people get better at photography after seeing the need for amateur photographers to improve their skills. He is subsequently setting up Amsterdam Photo Walks after over a decade of successfully running Santorini Photo tours.

“I’m here to show you all the great places where you can get the best photos while teaching you how to improve your photography,” said Olaf Reinen. “So join me on an upcoming Photo Tour. You’ll learn how to take better pictures, get to see some more of this beautiful world, and maybe have some fun along the way. After all, that’s what life should be about!” Olaf Reinen continued.

Olaf Reinen has moved to Amsterdam to continue in the line of Santorini Photo Tours, using the same style of tours which has made the company a remarkable success in Greece. The Photo Tour organized by Olaf Reinen will allow travellers to learn how to improve their photography skills using either a camera phone or digital camera, get to see some more of the best places in Amsterdam, and have fun as they tour.  And they will learn the number one secret to great photography.

More information about Olaf Reinen and his work at Amsterdam Photo Walks can be found on the website, Facebook, and Instagram.

About Amsterdam Photo Walks

Amsterdam Photo Walks was founded by Olaf Reinen of Santorini Photo tours as he looks to continue in his pursuit of providing tourists with a unique travel experience. The company organizes fun-filled private day tours to show tourists all the great places to get the best photos, while teaching them how to improve their photography.

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