3D Urology and Prostate Clinics Revealed Important Facts about 3D Prostate Cancer Treatment

People who don’t have a fair idea about the advanced 3D prostate cancer treatment can now learn everything about this non-surgical treatment method.

Prostate cancer could be a fatal disease and men always need to be careful about their prostate health. Dr. Song’s 3D prostate treatment is an advanced therapy to cure various prostate diseases, including prostate cancer. He already has cured numerous prostate cancer patients from China as well as from several foreign countries. In his treatment, Dr. Song only uses tiny herbal injections, and there is no need for surgery. The targeted injections filled with anti-cancer medicines can kill cancerous lesions to cure cancer of a patient. 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics Revealed Important Facts about 3D Prostate Cancer Treatment

Speaking about Dr. Song’s prostate cancer treatment, the spokesperson states that this targeted injection technique is very similar to the Chinese acupuncture therapy. In his treatment, Dr. Song directly transports a set of herbal extracts to the exact locations of the cancer lesions. The anti-cancer effect of the herbal medicine can kill the cancerous lesions. The spokesperson reveals that the herbal medicine forms a multiplying medicinal effect for curing the disease. In most cases, a prostate cancer patient can be completely cured after 4-5 weeks’ treatment. The MRI examination is conducted on the patient to make sure the cancer lesions have disappeared. At the same time, the symptoms of the disease also start alleviating in a gradual manner. The effective rate of treatment could not be less than 95%.

It has been seen that the 3D prostate treatment has an excellent curative effect, although it is a non-surgical, non-radiating and non-chemotherapy treatment method. Moreover, this treatment does not damage healthy cells of the prostate gland, nor there is any risk of side effects. The 3D targeted cancer treatment consists of several steps. First, the Digital Rectal Examination is conducted to find out the location and the size of the cancer lesions. On the basis of this examination, Dr. Song injects a set of herbal extracts to neutralize cancer cells. The herbal medicines don’t have any side effects and can resolve pathogenic tissues of the gland. At the same time, unblocking medicine is also injected to help discharge the prostatic endotoxin. Patients are also given some herbal extracts that restore and promote the prostate immunity.

Besides prostate cancer, the 3D targeted treatment is very effective in curing prostatitis and the problem of Enlarged Prostate. The treatment can be effective in curing both types of prostate enlargements, which are the blockage type and the hyperplastic type. However, Dr. Song conducts a full set of laboratory tests to find out the type of enlargement. At the same time, the volume, weight and the degree of enlargement is determined before planning the targeted injection therapy for the patient. The 3D targeted treatment can completely cure the prostate enlargement by killing the causative pathogens and by removing the prostate blockage. Besides removing the disease symptoms, the treatment also improves the health conditions of a patient.

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