Givon – The U.S. Skincare Brand Launched Their Latest Set Of Products for This Summer of 2019

A set of skincare products from the luxury brand, Givon, is available online. The company boasts impressive, ecologically balanced beauty products. The product line is going to be released on soon as well, in addition to the company’s official website. This is good news for the environmentally conscious and health-aware buyer, since the products are specifically designed to rejuvenate skin, instead of containing harmful components.

According to an article from CBS, there is little that the FDA can do to prevent just about anything from winding up in personal care products. The sad truth is that there is not a significant amount of regulation for skincare and beauty products in the U.S.  In the EU, around 1,500 chemicals have been banned or regulated, while only 11 chemicals are banned in the States. Consumers of the Givon brand will not need to worry about harmful chemicals though, as their line of products contains only top notch raw materials and ingredients that are needed for functionality and healthy efficiency.

The EU, Israel, and India have all recently banned the sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals. As PETA pointed out in an article earlier this month, there are alternatives that many companies utilize. There are cornea-like 3D tissue structures, made from human cells, which provide an excellent testing surface for a wide range of chemicals. Human skin cultures can be grown solely for the purposes of skin irritation testing that does not harm people or animals. The Givon brand of products has elected to use only cruelty-free testing methods. While the FDA explained that they do not require animal testing, they certainly do not oppose the act. As the FDA specifically noted, “Animal testing by manufacturers seeking to market new products may be used to establish product safety”. The fact is that the United States government currently defers judgement to the companies producing beauty products and cosmetic lines.

Olay, Avon, L’Oreal, Neutrogena, and Nivea are the top five cosmetics brands, according to Forbes. Something important to note is that the number one spot went to the United States manufacturer, Olay. Many popular brands are not manufactured or based out of the United States, however. The majority of the top cosmetics are manufactured primarily in China, or at least outside of the country that holds the corporation’s headquarters. There are still brands like Givon, maintaining U.S. production and manufacturing standards. However, finding a cosmetics manufacturer based out of the States that also uses only ecologically balanced, plant-based ingredients and only conducts cruelty-free testing would be a challenge. It should not be hard to find forever though, as Givon’s newest line of products will likely appear on websites that record safe cosmetic options.

The Givon luxury beauty brand was formed with the goal of redefining an industry. Their vision and research have led them to create safe, high-quality products. In a world of rampant pollution and toxic materials in skincare products, Givon stands out. The natural ingredients are collected from the environment, offering their customers products that are healthful and bring the user closer to nature. Givon combines the long-term sustainability and expert knowledge applied to U.S. cosmetics brands with the immediate functionality and reliability of pure, natural alternatives. These luxury products are a cut above the rest in terms of production methods and overall quality.

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