Pastel’s SpyTec GPS Proud to Release GL300MA GPS Tracker

The updated unit brings with it longer battery life and greater 4G network coverage within the United States

July 22, 2019 – Pastel, the industry-leading organization that leverages modern technology to intelligently and effectively improve the lives of its customers every day, is proud to announce the release of the innovative new GL300MA SpyTec GPS Tracker. The updated unit not only features far longer battery life than that of its predecessor, but it also offers significantly expanded 4G cellular network coverage within the United States and more.

The model ‒ newly released for 2019 ‒ is the perfect tracking device not only for cars and other vehicles, but also for children, spouses, seniors, important equipment and other valuable assets. It provides powerful real-time tracking and visualization, offering a totally straightforward and practically effortless way to track anything that is truly important to you

All someone would have to do is slip the GPS tracker into a backpack or conceal it underneath a car, and they have access to all the real-time location data they need thanks to a solution that works in conjunction with Google Maps data.

Not only that, but this real-time stream of insight can be accessed from any device a customer happens to be using ‒ from a desktop or laptop computer to a smartphone, tablet or other type of mobile device.

The GL300MA SpyTec GPS tracker is also endlessly durable, and it offers the connectivity and inherent versatility needed to make it a valuable addition for absolutely any situation. The unit has a best-in-class battery life of up to 2.5 weeks, allowing it to continue to track items over long durations without any type of intervention required on behalf of the user. Truly, it’s designed to be a device that one can “set and forget” ‒ offering long-lasting, discreet tracking for remote periods. It’s so sophisticated that it was designed to be covert enough for both home users AND private investigators and people in similar professions.

All of this, and the device also offers endless customization to suit virtually every need. Users can set up proximity alerts to get instant notifications on important updates so they don’t miss anything. Notifications can be received via SMS text message, push notification on a mobile device, or even email. Users can also create summary data reports that help provide even more insight into precise movements over time, thus revealing certain trends and patterns that otherwise may have gone undiscovered.

The GL300MA GPS Tracker from Pastel’s SpyTec GPS is available to order now, either directly from their website or from an e-commerce retailers like Amazon. After the initial purchase price, the solution costs just $24.95 per month with no activation fees. Users can cancel at any time.

Those interested in finding out more about the innovative new GL300MA GPS Tracker or those who would like to learn more about Pastel itself, are encouraged to visit that organization’s official website at Pastel.

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