Family Law Mediation Helps Separated Spouses Retain Integrity

More parents are turning to mediation as an alternative to resolving possible disputes of child custody. Traditionally a dispute resolution alternative, mediation involves both parties working out differences regarding child custody matters. A third party serves as the mediator between both parties, working with each individual to come to a fair agreement when it comes to maintaining their family dynamic post-divorce. The ideal third party that participates in a mediation session is a qualified legal professional who understands how to manage the high tensions between both parents. High tension situations like family law mediation require an experienced legal professional to successfully navigate the situation.

How family law mediation provides an alternative resolution to child custody disputes

The usual mediation session is flexible, especially in this day and age. Couples are usually asked to attend at least three mediation sessions that last up to two hours. In most cases, the parties should meet several times over a few weeks. Today’s technology also allows the mediator to arrange sessions between both parties with the aid of video chat or video conferences. Regardless of the situation, couples in need of mediation have many options to make the family law mediation process much easier on their family.

During the family law mediation process, the mediator works with both parties to come up with a parenting arrangement that works in the best interests of the children following the separation and divorce process. The matters usually discussed during a family law mediation session include figuring out arrangements for child custody, child support arrangements, and other matters regarding the raising of the child or children post-divorce.

What are the benefits of pursuing mediation today?

Today, family law mediation offers a number of benefits that help a separated couple reach an agreement when it comes to child custody agreements, among other issues. Mediation can help couples preparing to divorce or separate achieve the following if they choose to pursue this route:

  • Help mitigate the financial and time cost of divorce.
  • Help maintain confidentiality between both parties during the divorce and mediation process.
  • Help preserve relationships between both parties and the children involved in the custody battle.
  • Help establish healthy co-parenting boundaries during the mediation process.
  • Help maintain and honor existing arrangements that may occur between both parents.

What family law mediation does for both parties leads to a lifelong resolution that benefits the child or children in the long run. For that reason, family law mediation services for child custody significantly benefits the modern family in these times.

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