Resolve Special Issues with Child Custody Relocation Agreements

A common cause of dispute in child custody arrangements, parent relocation is a source of contention that could potentially complicate an ongoing custody agreement. A parent could choose to move within the state or out of state with the child or children in question, but they cannot move without the other parent knowing about the move. When seeking to relocate along with a child or the children in question, the parent with custody must meet an agreement with the other parent in order to take the children with them. For this reason, it is imperative for both parties to seek assistance from an experienced family lawyer to navigate the custody and visitation agreement modification process. The family law services associated with Cindy D. Sackrin are uniquely designed to help parents resolve special issues related to the modification of child custody relocation agreements.

Why pursue a modification of child custody for relocation

Today, parents worry about a variety of issues with their parenting arrangements of a child or several children. A sudden change with the parenting circumstances is a common reason why parents need to renegotiate their child custody agreement. The request to modify an existing child custody agreement in the case of the relocation of a child or children can be submitted by either party. Both parties can choose to agree to relocate the child or children for a variety of factors. However, the assistance of a qualified legal professional is essential to navigating the process, as the court is responsible for determining whether or not a modification of child custody agreement for relocation can take place.

There are many factors behind the approval of the modifications of a child custody agreement for relocation. Some of these factors include:

  • If the relationship between the parent that is not relocating can be maintained as intended with the previous arrangement
  • If the relocation will be beneficial to the relocating parent and the child or children
  • If the reasons behind why the relocating parent wants to move are sound
  • If the relocation benefits the non-relocating/non-custodial parent
  • If the relationship between the child or children and both parents are sound

In most cases, both parents should expect the courts to agree to a modification of a child custody agreement if they find the previous parenting arrangement can be modified without detriment to either party and the child or children involved in the arrangement.

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