One Acre and Insecurity: A Single Parent’s Account and All My Ladies by Lara Bonnell, Fictions on Single Motherhood and a Widower Trying to Find Love Again

One Acre and Insecurity: A Single Parent’s Account and All My Ladies by Lara Bonnell, Fictions on Single Motherhood and a Widower Trying to Find Love Again

July 22, 2019 – Fiction based on family ties is always tugging at people’s hearts because it’s relatable and homespun. “One Acre and Insecurity: A Single Parent’s Account” and “All my Ladies” by Lara Bonnell are such stories with a blood bond as the core. The novels with familial backdrops dive into the human instincts and need, that are, to protect and raise their brood and have conjugal love again after a spouse’s demise – it’s about trial and errors and taking chances.

“One Acre and Security: A Single Parent’s Account” recounts the trials and tribulations of a single mother with four children. To parent her children, the mother who is a librarian derives parenting insights from a book of parent practicality titled One Acre and Security. What follows is a hodge-podge of life’s moving on and a roller-coaster of emotions. How creativity actively applied in parenting solves convoluted issues in raising children makes up the core of “One Acre and Security: A Single Parent’s Account.” Lara Bonnell has applied all kinds of genius parenting skills in this book in a light-hearted way that’s universal and appealing to readers from all walks of life.

In the second book, “All My Ladies,” Lara Bonnell writes about a widower whose wife passed away two years ago trying to move on romantically. Feeling like a fish out of water, he bets with his son on the quest of finding the latter a stepmother, someone who doesn’t focus on the successful man’s wealth but someone wholesome as a person genuinely interested in a mutually rewarding relationship. He dates three women with very distinct differences and finds himself on an adventure that he doesn’t expect. Lara Bonnell authored “All My Ladies” from a man’s perspective on finding love again.

Lara Bonnell has published other books in the poetry genre to her credit, and they are published under a different pen name. The books are “Black Hawk: American Indian Tragedy,” Glimpses of God: Seasonal Christian Poems,” “Along the Way: Sixty Poems Through the Christian Year” and “All about Love through Mixed Experience.” Her pen name for these poetry books is Joan Bonnell Clark.

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About the author

Lara Bonnell was born on Crum Elbow (an estate along the Hudson River in New York State). After moving to Dumont, New Jersey, she attended the first eight grades. Lara then went to New Brighton High School and two years of college at Geneva College across the Beaver River in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. She and her two sisters ran a babysitting service to earn spending money.

She graduated with honors in English Teaching and Speech and married Merle Stauffer and had three children. After divorce, she met and married Rev Peter Surrey with whom she had another child. However, the marriage didn’t last, and Lara found herself a single mother for four children.

After marriage to Sherman Clark, Lara Bonnell is in blissful retirement in Florida where she continues writing.

Below are the links to other books (poetry) by the author, published under the different pen name:


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