LibraVista launched the first Libra wallet on Testnet

LibraVista (, a Singapore-based blockchain startup that aims to contribute to the ecosystem of Facebook Libra, announced to release the first Libra digital wallet on Testnet on July 21.

Libra is a new cryptocurrency developed by Facebook, and its mission is to provide a stable and global financial architecture for billions of people. Similar to other cryptocurrencies, users need a wallet client to create Libra accounts to enjoy the latest blockchain technology. LibraVista Wallet is such a first Libra wallet on Testnet to serve as the entry to the Libra world. Developed by the North American office of TokenClub (, currently, it supports iOS, Android and web ( platforms.

LibraVista Wallet has a few key features for new Libra users:

  • New Libra account creation;
  • Import/Export the existing account;
  • Send and receive Libra coins;
  • List account balance and transaction history;
  • Generate a QR code of the account;
  • Mint new coins on the Libra Testnet;

Screenshots of LibraVista Wallet for Android

As the screenshots of LibraVista Wallet show, its design is simple and straight-forward. By clicking on the “Create a New Wallet” button, you can have your own Libra account immediately, and the balance and recent transactions of your account are available on the client in real-time. Since Libra is still on the Test Network, everyone is allowed to mint (faucet) new coins and transfer them to a personal account. On the other hand, sending and receiving money are easy to complete on the wallet client. To transfer money more conveniently, a QR code is generated for a face-to-face payment scenario. For example, when buying a coffee, instead of inputting the account address manually, the customer can pay by scanning the QR code of the shopkeeper’s account.

Scan to download LibraVista Wallet for iOS and Android

Safety is always a key concern for a cryptocurrency wallet client. To address this issue, LibraVista Wallet supports an offline mode. Account creation, import, and export can all be done offline to avoid any potential leakage of the secret key.

As for the next step of LibraVista Wallet, Tong Gao, the co-founder of LibraVista and TokenClub, says they plan to support Libra Main Network once it is ready. Also, she hopes more and more people can benefit from Libra with LibraVista Wallet. 

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