Leading Technology Company TabSquare Confident Of Success With Their Innovative Self-Ordering Kiosk System

Leading Technology Company TabSquare Confident Of Success With Their Innovative Self-Ordering Kiosk System
TabSquare, one of the fastest-growing and most innovative restaurant technology companies in the world, are breaking the status quo by improving venue customer experience through their advanced self-ordering kiosk system.
The restaurant and fast food industry is perhaps the most competitive industry in the world. Every company is looking for ways to not only provide their customers with the best food but also to deliver a first-class customer experience. When restaurants get busy, and the queues are growing, many customers will simply choose to eat elsewhere, and that customer could potentially be lost forever. 
At a increasingly growing rate many F&B businesses are looking to restaurant ordering systems to get that edge over the competition. Rather than have to queue up and wait for a cashier to be free to take the order, a customer can use TabSquare’s imperssive, easy to use, interactive display to speed up the process. TabSquare go beyond being ‘just an ordering system’, their AI-Powered personalisation software provides the user with better choices through smart cross-selling and upselling, increasing the venues profitability and customer experience. ‘Mcdonald’s have shown a massive interest in this type of software by recently investing in Dynamic Yield, an AI-Personalization company, TabSquare however, are the most advanced, readily available restaurant ordering platform that you can get today.
TabSquare has developed an innovative easy to use iPad menu ordering system, which is exploding in usage across Australia & South East Asia. The system features personalized menu options, fast error-free ordering, quick table-turns, and increased cover values and reduced reliance on staffing, which in turn can help to cut costs.
“TabSquare’s fast-paced growth proves there is a strong demand for innovative and effective technology that can solve issues commonly faced by restaurants in the region such as low restaurant profitability, high staffing costs and language barriers.” said Chirag Tejuja, Co-Founder of TabSquare. “Restaurants today have many technology solutions available but few have been as effective in impacting their business and customer experience as TabSquare solutions.”
TabSquare uses AI to drive self-ordering restaurant profitability. It’s smart digital ordering solutions cut costs, boost average check value, and speed up table turns. For more information about the company, their technology, and the services they provide, visit their website at https://tabsquare.ai

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