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Headquartered in Chaoyang District, Beijing, the company is an educational company specializing in teacher qualification certificate training. The company focuses on teacher industry training. Since its establishment, it has trained hundreds of thousands of trainees and enjoyed a good reputation in the industry. The company adopts the teaching mode of combination of online live broadcast, video and face-to-face teaching, invests heavily in polishing teaching and research team and head teacher logistics team, devotes itself to helping students learn more easily and efficiently, at the same time, timely solve any problems encountered in learning, and provide one-stop service for students from registration, examination to employment.

Before, the company mainly engaged in the company’s internal escort, serving the central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and government and other institutions, to carry out professional skills training for its employees. With the enlargement of the students’scale, the company has set up a special teaching and research team since 2015, sorting out the examination questions over the years, compiling teaching and research materials carefully, breaking the tradition of recruiting part-time teachers in the industry, and recruiting a number of well-known full-time teachers in the industry to provide students with learning guidance throughout the process. In 2017, with the further expansion of the company’s size, it formally began to recruit students for social students. At the same time, a special head teacher system was set up to follow up the students’ learning process. In 2019, the company expects to recruit 30,000 students from all walks of life to further expand its enrollment scale.

Consulting Center

Xing Vocational Network recruited and trained a professional consulting team to provide free answers to all kinds of certificates for students, as well as learning, registration, examination, employment and other issues, but also free to provide students with more specific information such as textbooks, teaching aids and other courses.

Operating Center

The company is equipped with professional operators, who arrange the course study in detail. At the same time, through years of experience and data analysis, the company’s products and services are better adjusted.

Teaching and Research

A teaching team composed of a group of well-known teachers in the industry follows closely the learning situation of each student, arranges the content of the course, compiles teaching and research materials, and enables students to grasp the knowledge points more efficiently and easily.

Corporate Vision

Focus on the field of teacher certificate training, strive to become a leader in the field of Vocational Education in the quality of teaching and service, so that every student in Xing Vocational Network Education has a gain, become a leader in various industries. To be the most efficient learning model in China, to enhance the professional value of users of products and services.

Corporate Mission

We are committed to making high-quality education services and innovative experience, constantly improving the service platform of user’s career value, and helping to improve the quality of teachers and professional workers.

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