Great Craze Brought By A Chinese Folk Music Contest, Catching The Eyes Both At Home And Abroad

An international folk song competition was held recently in Zuoquan County of Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, China, under the theme of “Zuoquan Folk Music Gala · 2019 International Folk Song Competition”. As a traditional singing style, folk music is a gem that enjoyed and beloved by the Chinese people. Some folk songs are even performed without any type of instrumental accompaniment. The audience will hear only the authentic voice coming from the singer.

This way of singing is called the “original ecology singing”, which is listed as an independent separate contest unit. With a global vision, Zuoquan Folk Music Gala attracted not only a large number of domestic folk song enthusiasts, but also a great many foreign participants from countries like Ukraine, Russia, the US, Canada, and Hungary.

Taking this music activity as a platform to show their wonderful voices, these singers captivated the audience with the great variety and beauty of folk songs from different nationalities across the world. As of July 18th, the number of audience who watched the live show of the music competition stood at 300 million.

Apart from the site activity, we also enabled the online channel by inviting folk song lovers from all over the world to shoot and upload short videos. The requirement for the video content was quite unique and challenging. Players were asked to imitate a fraction of the traditional Chinese dance called “Xiaohuaxi” along with a melodious folk music. more and more Overseas Chinese participated in the interactive activity of this folk music.

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