Rx discount cards keep prescription drug prices low for Americans

Drug companies are raising prices of existing medications on the market

July 23, 2019 – Philadelphia, PA – Last year, the Washington Post and President Donald Trump both claimed that prescription drug prices had decreased for the first time in over half a century. Despite those claims, political fact checking websites and organizations such as PolitiFact, found the opposite as prescription drugs have actually increasing 0.3% from the spring of 2018 to the spring of 2019.

Rx discount cards are one of the main ways that individuals in the United States receive low-priced medication. Discount Drug Network is a website that has helped thousands of Americans receive prescription discounts by leveraging the power of group purchasing to negotiate discounts on medication. The work Discount Drug Network does saves Americans millions of dollars as well as enables them to live more comfortable lives. 

According to CNBC, big pharmaceutical companies have routinely claimed prescription drug costs are high in the US due to the technology and innovation it takes to make and develop it. Yet, studies show the US pays more for prescription medicine than any other developed nation in the world. If technology and innovation were behind the price gouging of big pharmaceutical brands, then other countries would also pay similar prices. 

A study by the journal Health Affairs, found that most prescription drugs on the market have received price hikes, which has resulted in the large sum many Americans pay. The study found medication already on the market was increasing in price rather than going the opposite direction. Therefore, the idea that new, innovative drugs were the reason for medication prices being high were false. 

Due to a lack of competition and regulations on medication in the US, increase in prices have become commonplace. According to Discount Drug Network, gaining lower priced medication and Rx discounts through discount cards is the only way Americans can save money on drugs currently. 

Uninsured and insured Americans are both feeling the pressure of increasing drug prices. A 2016 poll reported on by CommonWealthFund.org, found that even insured Americans did not fill prescriptions or skipped a prescription due to the deductible they were forced to pay being high. 

Until the US government caps the amount of money pharmaceutical companies can charge patients, Rx discounts courtesy of Discount Drug Network and similar organizations will be the only way Americans can reduce their spending on medication. 

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Discount Drug Network provides free Rx discount cards that work for generic medication as well as thousands of other prescription medications. Users can use their Discount Drug Network plastic discount coupon every time they fill a prescription at most pharmacies. The coupon enables users to receive up to 75% off the retail price of most prescription medications.

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