Dinat Gumerov an Ace Story Teller with expertise in numbers

Dinat Gumerov an Ace Story Teller with expertise in numbers

Dinat has built numerous businesses.

Modern-day Story Teller who is known to have expertise in using modern day tools like social media and help brands to reach their message far and wide. He has proved expertise catering to a wide range of brands in Russia with his never-ending expertise in data analysis and unending optimization of ad buys. He works with the idea that helps people to reach out with the core message or brand ethos without ignoring the same.

In the current world, one may find people in the digital world who have a natural knack to drive data with crafting stories. The fact of the matter is that there is no real replacement for the years of experience in the modern day business world. And this is the place where Al-Ashtari comes into the picture as he heads the marketing campaigns with this element to the table. He designs a campaign with is the power of public speaking and thus offer the clients with effective yet simple communication that come along with tailor-made solutions using different channels.

In the contemporary business world, there is a dearth to people like Dinat Gumerov who are versatile and known to have a hybrid set of skills, which bring success while kicking off any marketing campaign. When you find the two skills put together, it helps in creating a truly great campaign. In this tough market, it becomes very much difficult to sustain in the current market. However, with professionals like “Dinat Gumerov” who are not just great storyteller but also Social Media Wiz, Brand Consultant, Marketing Mogul, and Growth Hacker.

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