Stagramgroup Media is sharing the best pet content around the internet through its multiple social media feature pages

Stagramgroup Media is the media group behind the popular Instagram pages like Catstagramcat, Meowstagram, Petstagrampet, Dogstagramdog, Horsestagram, and Stagramgroup itself. These pages are followed by thousands of people on Instagram. The media group shares the most amazing pet content which is selected on a daily basis by a devoted team of 21 people/moderators that are crazy about pets.

Castagramcat is one of the most popular pages by Stagramgroup Media that was started in April 2017. It was the first-ever page created by the media house that gained fast popularity among cat and pet lovers around the world. The page frequently posts Giveaways and Contests along with purchased features where 20% of the funding goes to a CHARITY GOAL for pets. Inspired by the success of Catstagramcat, Stagramgroup Media started another page called, Meowstagram in April 2018 that shares pictures and videos of a variety of kitties along with regular Contests and Giveaways.

It’s not a problem if you’re not a cat person because Stagramgroup Media also has a dedicated page for dog lovers, called Dogstagramdog. This page was started on September 2018. Around the same time, Stagramgroup Media also started the page called Pestagrampet that features posts of all kinds of pets including cats, dogs, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, ducks and many more. All their pages share not only huge and trending accounts but also small and new accounts as well.

The Stagramgroup Media pages feature high-quality pictures and video of all kinds of YOUR pets ALWAYS with credit. In fact, the horse lovers can check out the dedicated page called Horsestagram which was recently started in June 2019. This page features a variety of beautiful horses and posts from both big and small accounts on Instagram.

More information about all the pages can be found on Stagramgroup’s official website.

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