feisou has launched a shampoo containing multiple essential oils for people with dry hair

If the hair lacks necessary moisture and oil, it will become dry, brittle, and the hair ends will split. But why does our hair lack water and oil?

First, it may because of the lack of water in our body. Hair needs about 15 percent of the water our body needs. If we do not drink enough water every day, which will cause a lack of water in hair. When the moisture of the hair is below 10%, the hair will be dry and split. Actually, on average, a person needs to consume at least 1,500 milliliters of water a day in order to balance water consumption. 

Second, it can be caused by the dysfunctional internal organs or malnutrition. If the internal organs are dysfunctional and even with insufficiency of qi and blood, the hair will become dry. In addition, the lack of Vitamin A and protein may also lead to the dry hair.

Third, insufficient secretion of grease of the scalp is the direct cause of the dry hair. Generally, the scalp secretes limited oil, thus the hair ends can not be fully moisturized, which will eventually lead to dry hair.

In addition, hereditary factors, chronic sleep deprivation, heavy smoking, the polluted environment, intense ultraviolet radiation, the improper use of chemical things such as perm agent and tint, overuse of hair dryer and so on could also be important reasons for getting the dry hair.

Then how can we prevent our hair from becoming dry and brittle?First, we should build normal daily routines, eat regularly, exercise frequently, and those things will help promote the metabolism of the scalp and leave us smooth hair.

Second, avoid prolonged sun exposure, frequent hair perming or hair dying.

Last but not least, we should be very careful in choosing a  shampoo. Alkaline shampoo with strong cleaning power would make hair become drier, while weakly acidic shampoo is not irritant to it. feisou NOURISHING SMOOTHING shampoo is the latter.

With a similar pH value to that of the scalp, the feisou orange flavored shampoo is produced for several hair types such as withered hair, unruly hair, damaged and split hair. The shampoo adopts the mildest amino acid surfactant as its main cleaning ingredients. Without containing any thickener, the shampoo is liquid in texture with airy foam, which is easy to rinse out and not irritant to the scalp at all. The shampoo is rich in citrus tangerine peel oil that are antimicrobial and with high oxidation resistance, having been added the citrus aurantium dulcis peel oil that helps promote the secretion of hyaluronic acid, jojoba seed oil with the moisturizing and sterilizing efficacy(being extracted from a Mexican native shrub and rich in Vitamin D and protein), squalane that can nourish hair and make it smooth, and also the hydrolyzed keratin that can moisturize hair and make it silken.

We can avoid getting dry hair to a large extent, if we have a healthy lifestyle and use good shampoos.

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