feisou has developed a nourishing shampoo for people with withered and brittle hair

If people intend to improve their hair, they have to know its structure first. Hair is made up of three layers: epidermis, cortex and medulla. The epidermis and cortex are closely related to the daily hair care.

The epidermal layer is the outermost layer of hair, also called the cuticle layer. Being usually covered with 5-12 layers of small scales, it protects the hair and prevents the loss of nutrients in it.  

If the epidermis is damaged, the hair will be dry, matted or withered. But it is not damaged seriously and can be restored to its natural full state with just some extra fatty acids and moisture.

When the cortical layer is damaged, the hair ends will become split and the hair will be brittle. Ordinary hair dyeing can change the physiological characteristics of this layer and cause damage. And this is where people need to use targeted nourishing or repairing products.  

feisou has developed the NOURISHING SMOOTHING shampoo for people with damaged and withered hair. The hydrolyzed keratin in it plays a role in protecting hair. What’s more, the shampoo has also been added the squalane, jojoba seed oil, citrus tangerine peel oil and citrus aurantium dulcis peel oil to supplement natural nutrients to hair.

Among feisou shampoo ranges, this shampoo has the most abundant essential oil, being perfect for improving and smoothing the hair scales.

Many nourishing shampoos in the market are greasy in texture because they contain lots of nourishing ingredients, while feisou NOURISHING SMOOTHING shampoo adopts amino acid surfactants as its main ingredients. Without containing thickener like sodium chloride, it is liquid in texture, being easy to rinse, which keeps people from worrying about shampoo residue clogging their pores. Nourishing hair while keeping it refreshing, the feisou shampoo with fresh orange fragrance has been very popular among people.

If you desire glossy and smooth hair, you need to maintain and care your hair attentively.

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