Giving dessert a new look; Offbeat stylists with family love – Baking Fun

Giving dessert a new look; Offbeat stylists with family love - Baking Fun

You can’t make an entire meal out of dessert, so why do we love dessert so much? We love it because it relaxes people and puts them in a good mood. Have a think, ‘People need clothes, the Buddha needs gold’. The sister and brother think that desserts are delicious, but the packaging is stylized and featureless. Therefore, they wanted to use packaging to make baking products become more valuable and interesting. Thus, Baking Fun was established. 

They have humble beginnings and are proud that they have become offbeat stylists in the baking industry.

Five years ago, the siblings decided to move from the food raw materials supplier to the retail industry. Their shop is quite different from general retail shops. Younger brother Liu Tingjia said: “If the ingredients are good, but the packaging is not, it won’t create an appetite and desire to ‘taste’; if the packaging is not textured, it will not stimulate consumers’ desire to purchase”. Baking Fun has introduced various new baking elements from Japan, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and China so that baking fans can find good products. It is like a boutique brand for baking and packaging. The siblings have become the baking industry’s offbeat packaging stylists! 

Liu Tingjia went on to say: “Many packaging materials are the public version of store products, with no features; the concept of Baking Fun is to ignite the flame of happiness through the heat of baking by looking for exquisite baking packaging materials from around the world. The festive packaging is a star product of Baking Fun.”

The number of participants in the baking industry is numberless as the sand – innumerable in Taiwan. If you want to stand out, you need a wide vision and ambition. Packaging materials from all over the world have various cultures and aesthetics. They can combine the culture of “packaging” and “local”, which not only expands the original framework but allows customers to perceive the value of the products. By taking a different path, the Baking Fun has become a unique brand in the baking industry. 

Get out of the O2O market and synchronize online and offline

The first physical store of Baking Fun is located in Tainan. The store has wooden decor and soft music, which sets it apart from other stores. The display of colorful materials makes people feels like they are strolling through a stylish, cultural, and creative store.

By combining the “real” and the virtual, the brand will ensure its longevity. After opening a second store in Tainan City, Liu Tingjia set up the brand’s official website for selling its own products. The website also provides services such as baking and baking agencies. In addition to reducing rental costs, the website offers 24-hour uninterrupted service! Virtual stores can expand the customer base while increasing sales volume. Upon the integration of online shopping and offline physical stores, the brand became more complete and the customer received a wider-ranging experience.

The website is very attractive to customers. A group of Singaporeans was so impressed by the official website of Baking Fun that they flew to Taiwan and found more goods to love in the physical store! The virtual and the physical stores support each other, so the brand can attract customers anywhere, both in Taiwan and abroad. 

Transmit health with baking, love with warmth

Blood is thicker than water. The sister and brother, in addition to striving to manage their brand, are concerned about whether the brand provides happiness, deliciousness, and health! To that end, Baking Fun does not use materials such as chemical ingredients; instead, it uses natural ingredients from Taiwan. A baked treat can bring sweetness to the mouth, happiness to the heart, and health to the entire body. This is the ultimate goal of Baking Fun.

Singaporeans from overseas were enthusiastic about Baking Fun.

Singaporeans travel to the physical storefront of South Taiwan’s Baking Fun.

The colourful interior of Baking Fun.

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