A new promising blockchain and advertising project, I-CHAIN, is launching a bounty campaign right now.

I-CHAIN is an advertising project powered by blockchain technology. Its vision is to realize the value of users’ data in a real sense.

Similar to the BAT project, I-Chain project plan for the first stage is to develop a browser powered by blockchain technology, and use its token ICA (I-CHAIN ads coin) to reward users’ data contributions. Different from BAT project, I-CHAIN will not block advertisements. On the contrary, it will publish advertisements in the I-CHAIN browser as media, and reward users with advertising profits.

At present, I-CHAIN has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with I-CLCK (the only digital marketing company listed on Nasdaq in the APAC region, NASDAQ: ICLK), which will provide high-quality advertiser resources for the I-CHAIN project. The deployment of i-chain token ICA is also about to be completed, and IEO is expected in mid to late August. The official bounty campaign is in full swing. For more information, join ICA’s official telegram group https://t.me/icacoin or visit the official website at www.icacoin.com

The I-Chain project has been developed with the aim of improving the digital advertising environment by applying blockchain technology. Its main mission is to end the exploitation of users’ personal data by advertising agencies or data companies and to pay users for their data for the first time in history.

So how does it work? I-Chain project plan for the first stage is to develop a browser powered by blockchain technology. Unlike other browsers, the i-Chain browser will consist of three major functional modules: the basic function module, the reward system module and the advertising module.

The basic module will use blockchain technology to encrypt and protect users’ personal data, so users don’t have to worry about their data security.

The reward system module will reward users with ICA (I-Chain ads coin) according to the amount of data they contribute and other factors. ICA itself has value as it’s a cryptocurrency. In addition, ICA can also be considered as the token for getting more reward. The advertising profit obtained by the i-Chain project will be distributed to users according to the number of ICA and other factors. Simply put, you use the i-chain browser, you get ICA, and then you get a share of the advertising profits from the project.

In terms of I-chain advertising profit, the advertising function module will provide real and effective advertising for advertisers. Thanks to the transparency, the immutability and security the blockchain technology inherently possesses, advertisers do not need to worry about fraud and other common problems in the field of digital advertising.

I-chain believes that the blockchain technology can really change the digital marketing world. Users personal data will be secured and reward, advertisers can get better performance. We will make it happen step by step.

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