MonsoonSIM Makes Its USA Debut in the American Accounting Association conference

Orlando, FL – MonsoonSIM began its expansion into the US market at the “Intensive Data Analytics II summer workshop” at the 12th of June in Orlando, Florida, sponsored by the American Accounting Association.  MonsoonSIM president, Mr. Abdy Taminsyah demonstrated the product offering in a presentation called “Using Real Time Business Simulation to Teach Business Analytics”.

During the workshop, participants learned how easy it is to use MonsoonSIM to produce data for data analytics and machine learning. There was a live simulation workshop, where participants were grouped into teams and each team ran their own virtual company in competition with others within one simulated business marketplace.

The picture shows (left to right): 

Julie Smith David of American Accounting Association
Abdy Taminsyah, President, MonsoonSIM
Susan Crosson, director, American Accounting Association
Derick Lyle from Melbourne University

The datasets generated by MonsoonSIM are “real” (in the context of a simulated business environment) and fast. Learners can use business intelligence platforms such as Tableau or PowerBI to immediately access the data, then create dashboards and analyze data.

As explained by Derick Lyle from the University of Melbourne who co-presented the workshop, learners have a chance to practice “double loop learning” (as opposed to single loop), where assumptions lead to strategies and strategies lead to results. With MonsoonSIM, results are available instantly within the simulation, and the initial assumptions can be improved iteratively. “The real time feedback is an excellent idea” said Louise Hayes, Assistant Professor with the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics, at the University of Guelph, Canada.


MonsoonSIM is a unique, experiential learning, cloud-based platform for business studies. It teaches a wide variety of business concepts taught in higher education, for example Retail, Finance and Accounting and more recently, eCommerce.

MonsoonSIM allows participants to “Learn Business Processes Horizontally” in an evolving manner, starting from very simple concepts such as retail sales then slowly progressing into something more elaborate as their virtual company grows. 

As an Enterprise Resource Planning educational tool, MonsoonSIM permits students to test scenarios using business Knowledge Performance Indicators (KPIs) and gather valuable analytical information. “Great way to engage students for intro courses from multiple areas of study,” said Nancy Joines from San Diego State University  

By utilizing KPIs, users can take actions to qualify or teach concepts such as critical thinking and business acumen developed via different business scenarios.  MonsoonSIM supports all types of business organizations such as manufacturing (with or without distribution and services), supply chain, and improved methods of managing accounts receivables and payables.

Currently MonsoonSIM has more than 45,000 registered learners in over 80 higher learning institutions globally.

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