Gama offers Dublin residents bespoke windows and doors for any style of house.

Windows and doors enhance the look and feel of a house. They are a great way to showcase the home offering a small glimpse inside. Windows and doors are what Gama is all about, offering a unique design that is also durable.

Part of a home’s appeal are the windows the doors ways that complement or contrast its exterior beauty. A home is immediately recognizable as appealing when it has well-designed and well-proportioned windows. Gama Windows is a company dedicated to transforming every home into one of beauty and elegance by providing high quality bespoke wooden windows and doors. Their products are always impeccably designed with great attention to detail. As forerunners in the innovative window and door design, they tailor their services based on the customer’s preference to give them the right product that will fit their home.

Founded in 2009, Gama has had years of experience to hone their skills when it comes to creating beautiful windows and doors. All their products are built with durability in mind to ensure that they last for many years to come. Customers that want customized home features are guaranteed one-of-a-kind windows and doors that will bring character to their home. Gama believes that doors not only separate the outside from the inside, but also between rooms. Like doors leading outside, interior doors should be in harmony with other existing furnishings. Gama offers interior doors made from the same wood in varying styles and models for customers to choose from.

At Gama, they work hard on innovation to give customers products that are practical without sacrificing its aesthetic beauty. The 10 years that they’ve been catering to the residents of Dublin and other surrounding areas have given them the reputation as an outstanding company for bespoke windows and doors.

A product that Gama Windows is particularly proud of is their folding and sliding doors. They have a range of aluminum folding doors that are manufactured in dedicated and unique profiles to fit into any style of home. Their HS sliding doors make it possible to open up space easily using their TIMBEr system on doors that built on glass and framed by durable hardwood. For doors leading to outdoor spaces, the PSK Patio Sliding Door is the perfect way to transition from indoor to outdoor. It is tastefully done with a slim wooden frame to give the illusion of space and openness from the inside.

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