Entrepreneur at Nine! Neva Lee Recla’s Newly Released Book Is a Comprehensive Guide for Parents Raising Business Savvy Kids!

Phoenix, Arizona, USA – Nine-year-old entrepreneur extraordinaire Neva Lee Recla has now published her very first book, When Pigs Fly: The Parent’s Guide to Inspire Your Young Entrepreneur. Taking her own business journey into account, this new book focuses on the importance of teaching kids about business from a young age. Writing with the help of her parents and her many mentors in life, Neva provides a comprehensive game plan for parents to raise successful children and promote entrepreneurial thinking from an early age.

Neva Lee Recla is a speaker and author who also hosts a regular podcast to inspire kids across the globe to dream big. Having started her first business endeavor at the age of two, she is highly proactive about her business. Her main goal is to inspire parents and children alike in order to increase the amount of young entrepreneurs in the world. Her new book is a highly practical and easy-to-follow resource for parents, helping them understand the importance of positivity, support and guidance. The book also addresses the subject of inclusivity and how children feel appreciated when allowed to take part in conversations in an adult environment.

When Pigs Fly defines the five fundamental steps parents can take to truly support their children in every aspect of life. While the book offers valuable insight on the topics of love, appreciation and allowing children to dream, it also provides practical advice for parents to nudge their children into the entrepreneurial realm. Neva provides her take on how parents can turn the dreams of their children into a successful business model and set them on the path of success from a young age. Furthermore, the book also provides many valuable tools and tips for parents to effectively develop a professional mindset within their children.

Neva Lee Recla is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker – all at the tender age of nine-years-old! With the support of her parents and her mentors, she has been able to fulfill her professional destiny from a young age. She has now made it her mission to inspire other children to do the same by turning their dreams into their profession. She regularly hosts the Super Power Kids podcast and actively takes part in veteran philanthropy.

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When Pigs Fly: The Parent’s Guide to Inspire Your Young Entrepreneur is now available on Amazon.com

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