Fuad Habba: The Enterprise FinTech & SaaS Account Executive and Proud Member of the CrossBorder Solutions Family

Fuad Habba is a leading Enterprise FinTech & SaaS Account Executive at CrossBorder Solutions. Fuad Habba has more than a decade of expertise as a FinTech/SaaS Enterprise leader and senior retail financial services, CRM or customer-driven relationship management and operations expert with a results-oriented focus on the business of an efficient and lean operational infrastructure.

New business credentials and customer-centric retail development; working with Fortune 1000 institutions, new entities, B2B, SME, ultra-high net worth individuals, private equity groups and in regards to the enterprise banking solutions and retail financial offerings.

Role of account executive

Fuad Habba says that account executives work in several fields and assist grow their companies by closing sales, finding leads, formulating sales strategies, supporting existing clients, and communicating product value to clients. They are also known as Account Handlers.

The responsibilities of account executive

  • Offering support for customers by learning about and pleasing their requirements.
  • Following up with prospects numerous times all through the sales cycle to make sure needs are being met.
  • Presenting and demonstrating the value of services and products to potential purchasers.
  • Analyzing and compiling data to find trends.
  • Developing sales tactics and setting quotas.
  • Building long-term, mutually advantageous relationships with internal departments and external contacts to create a better customer experience.
  • Staying present on industry trends and company offerings.
  • Maintaining a database of contact details.
  • Handling negotiations and complaints.

Apply customer-focused initiatives at numerous levels, from market adoption, growth, and long-standing relationship service, to leading transformations in huge customer finance organizations. Known for the ability to scale establishments, financial insight and analytical forecasting, variance management, P&L modeling, metric/data interpretation, ad-hoc analysis, financial modeling, budgeting, and IR reporting.

Developed strong personal connections with peers, reports, sales, C-suite, finance and other stakeholders. Ability to think and act autonomously within a fast-paced multi-task driven environment. Outstanding verbal, listening, and written communication skills.

An account executive is thus the point of contact for brand teams and clients, frequently relating with both daily. Elements of the job comprise planning and coordinating account activity, comprising media pitches, press releases, blogger and press conferences, influencer outreach, product samples for promo events and editorial placement, such as videos and photoshoots.

Thus, as rightly said by Fuad Habba, the role of the account executive is certainly essential and a company cannot perform its duties without the assistance of such professionals.

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