New Health Science! Michelle Melendez’s Newly Released Bestseller Uses Quantum Physics to Teach Health Benefits!

Dallas, Texas, USA – Experienced fitness expert and weight loss specialist, Michelle Melendez has now released her latest bestseller, End Dieting Hell: How to Find Peace with Your Body and Release the Weight. Geared particularly for women, this new book provides a completely new take on weight loss and fitness with an aim to help readers put an end to yo-yo dieting for good. Michelle shares her trajectory on the topic of fat loss and body image that no one in the fitness world is currently talking about.

Michelle Melendez’s theories on fat loss are based on scientific principles, making her techniques not only tangible but also sustainable. Having been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, Michelle has been on a mission to discover why people gain their weight back even when she gives them all the right tips and tools to maintain their fat loss. By diving deep into the world of quantum physics and cellular communication, Michelle now understands the deep-rooted emotional, chemical and mental complexities with body image, health and weight loss. It came as a shock to her how no one in the entire fitness industry is discussing such topics. Since then, she has been teaching people the lesser known biological and scientific phenomenon of being emotionally and mentally addicted to gaining and losing weight.

End Dieting Hell does exactly what its title implies: It pulls people out of the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting where they end up gaining even more weight after the diet. By helping readers explore the causes behind their life-long struggles with weight, Michelle gently peels away their ego and puts them on a journey towards emotional healing and physical wellbeing. Her Live in a Body You Love program takes people to the Big Island of Hawaii in order to initiate a transformative experience. She has now put all her teachings from that program in this new book to help readers understand weight struggles at a cellular level and work towards what she calls emotional expansion.

Michelle Melendez is a renowned fitness expert. Having been in the field since 1996, she developed a strong focus on weight loss in 2007 when she learned about breakthrough scientific principles that most people in the fitness industry are not aware of. She proactively helps people create sustainable weight loss and achieve the level of health and fitness that all people deserve.

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