Let’s talk Humanity launches fundraiser to save the children of Tungan community

Let’s talk Humanity is a nonprofit organization that has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the children of the Tungan communities, to provide them with basic primary education, and health amenities. The population of children in the Tungan community of AMAC accounts for a larger percentage of the total population and they face difficulties like ill-equipped primary and junior secondary schools. In fact, there is no documentation of the out of school kids in these communities and AMAC.

The Tungan children grow up with no proper education and end up doing child labor and hawking on the streets. Unfortunately, the parents are not able to help on their own with such situations. This is why Let’s Talk Humanity Initiative advocates and encourages policies to implement proper education facilities for the children, especially in Northern Nigeria. The project supports children with disabilities and implements policies that help in curbing child labor, child trafficking, child soldiers and child marriages in Nigeria.

Let’s Talk Humanity has started the fundraiser with a goal of raising $100,000, which will cover the cost of a one year project, that will be aimed towards handling some of these issues. The fund will be used to provide teaching aid equipment and renovation of classroom blocks majorly for the program startup. The one-year program will include providing educational activities through partnerships with the teachers while renovation and services will be carried out with local contractors. The project mission will include the provision of the borehole, renovation of the classroom block, women empowerment, provision of a fully functional and solar-powered school/community library, and farm seedlings for farmers.

Eventually, the project will help in developing student’s social skills, emotional and physical health, cognitive and academic skills and create equal opportunities for girl child learning. It will also change the attitude and behavior of parents towards the education of their girl child and decrease overall poverty levels. The project will be handled and executed in a properly planned manner that includes follow up, control and evaluation plan.

Support the project now via Indiegogo campaign page.

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