Bitcoin Loans – Why Are Mostly Wealthy People Using Them? The 2 Big Reasons They’ve Tried To Keep Secret…

Bitcoin Loans - Why Are Mostly Wealthy People Using Them? The 2 Big Reasons They\'ve Tried To Keep Secret...

The financial tricks the wealthy have used and kept quiet about, have just gone very public.

From getting loans for personal or business use, to earning interest on the cryptocurrency you own, the cryptocurrency financial world has reached the point that they’re able to provide almost any financial service we were once dependent on banks for.

This is what excited the team behind, a site dedicated to everything crypto, except cryptocurrency trading.  You won’t find any recommendations on trades, or exchanges there – but you will find how to put your funds to use in this new emerging financial system.

“Forget everything you know, and start with a blank slate and no preconceptions.  People think ‘I have no emergency need for funds’ so a loan isn’t for them,” says co-founder & head of the Newsroom, Switzerland based Conrad Sirril.

He continues “Because of that people are missing all the other reasons to get one. When you hear the word ‘Loan’ you think of someone who desperately needs the money – that’s not who is using these crypto services.  This is for smart people who want to maximize investment profits.”

How these savvy investors are using crypto and bitcoin loans is quite impressive – but more importantly, these tricks can be used by anyone.

So, why would someone who doesn’t need the money take out a crypto loan?

● First – the money isn’t taxed!  

That’s right, in most countries (such as the US) money received via a loan is not taxable. So it’s basically the smartest way to make a withdraw.  Interest rates will typically be less than half the tax rates!

● Second – In a bull market, they use their crypto to get a loan, to buy more crypto!

Obviously, don’t touch this method if you haven’t had success investing in crypto already – but if you’ve watched your predictions come true thinking ‘I wish I was able to buy more’ – this is how you do it.

Now, they’re holding their position on Bitcoin, and simply need to pay the interest to keep their original coins all while getting the funds to invest in something else at the same time.

The team there has had some success, Sirril shares “Basically we took out loans and bought as much BTC as we could around $4000, and rode the wave of green up to $7000” which is about as perfect as you can pull something like this off, their end result – “so we paid back the lender for all those $4000 Bitcoins, with the coins that were now worth $7000, and kept the difference”. That’s why many expect the future of Bitcoin loans to be huge.

● Are Bitcoin & Crypto Loans Safe?

Really, if the worst happens you’ll be glad you used your crypto to get cash while the price was high.

But if the value rises while your crypto loan is active, and you used your loan to buy even more – you’re going to be a very happy investor.

● Where do you get a loan using Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency?)

This is the big question, and the entire reason they launched the Cryptocurrency Loan news portal!  In a short period of time literally, dozens of these sites have popped up, with mixed reviews.  The team there will sort through it all, and make clear recommendations.

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