Sphere ASONE has become Australia most popular drink

Nowadays,nothing is more popular than sphere ASONE which has recently become the most popular drink in 2019. It is the first product of Sphereone, a beauty brand of Sphere group, the top pharmaceutical company in Australia. It is a compound fruit juice drink. It contains more than 18 kinds of fruit extracts, plus Chinese herbal medicine specially added to the human body in Asia. Drink for a long term(more than 3 months)can play a role in delaying aging process, enhancing the quality of sleeping and anti-oxidation. It has been recognized as the most efficient antioxidant compound juice.


Sphere Group was founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1972. It has 47 years of history,is the top pharmaceutical company in Australia. It has four brands include special health care products, sports products, health and pharmaceutical cosmetics products, dairy industry and other fields. All raw materials and manufactured products are strictly controlled to meet the international GMP standard.

Sphere ASONE landed in the Australian market this year. Due to its attractive packaging and desirable taste, Sphere ASONE is very popular among women consumers. Hundreds of fashion observers and vloggers recommend it passionately. They are covered by tens of millions of women and sold out several times. Sphere ASONE combines 100% natural fruits with precious Chinese medicinal herbs, which makes “beautify” attractive and delicious. Among them, grapes, blueberries, mulberries and other fruits are rich in natural antioxidant resveratrol, which can effectively scavenge and inhibit free radicals in vivo, thus repairing damaged cells, and the effect of light spot beauty is remarkable. Besides, Chinese medicinal herbs such as petal rose, pueraria root and xanthan gum can effectively resist fatigue, regulate immunity and quickly restore physical strength.

It is worth mentioning that the content of resveratrol in sphere ASONE is equal to that of 208 bottles of red wine, which is 15% higher than that of similar products in the current market. Short-term use can improve sleep quality and keep you energetic throughout the day. Long-term use can activate enzymes in the body, quickly scavenge free radicals and detoxify mild spots. At the same time, strengthen metabolism, make skin bright, white and moist, collagen proliferation, fine lines reduced, to achieve the effect of skin aging.

In April, Chinese famous host Shen Taowas invited to be the chief experience officer of sphere ASONE. As the host of ZheJiang Satellite TV programs such as ace to ace, Running Man Comes and All-round Extreme King, he has a calm atmosphere and humorous personal style, which is very consistent with the beautiful appearance of sphere ASONE and the product tonality with rich connotations. As we all know, Shen Tao has always been in a state of mind of preferring not to abuse the endorsement brand. After two months experience, he can safely recommend the products to the audience. He confessed, “Host is a very busy and high-pressure career, my life is very irregular. There was no time to drink water all day while recording the program. It was so stressful that I often had insomnia at night. My artists friends recommended sphere ASONE to me. I drank for almost two months and felt much better. Not only did my skin become tight, but I also did not lose sleep. I really strongly recommend it to you.”

Eye-catching packaging, sweet taste, the magical effect of skin aging, plus the strength endorsement of the trump card, make sphere ASONE a worthy fashion drink this summer. One drink in the morning, wakes up your new day, moisturizes and brightens the skin, and doubles the vitality of the whole day. One drink before going to bed, accelerates absorption, calms down, and relaxes into deep sleep. Sphere ASONE, oxygen for your youth.

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