SIGHT: EXTENDED; A Full-Length Augmented Reality Journey That Makes HoloLens and Magic Leap Look Tame

“Sight: Extended” is a full-length realization of the hugely popular 2012 indie 7-minute sci-fi thriller “Sight” and assures a more riveting saga of a futuristic world driven by state-of-the-art technologies like smart AR contact lenses.

Good news for science-fiction aficionados. The director-duo of the immensely popular 2012 indie 7-minute futuristic film has recently launched an extended version of the movie that spans across a good 35 minutes. Titled “Sight: Extended,” the new version speaks of a dark, futuristic and visually amazing thriller which is the full-length realization of the previous film.

Interestingly, “Sight: Extended” is not a direct sequel of the 2012 short thriller. In fact, the directors, Eran May-Raz and Daniel Lazo, have come up with a new, bigger and more exciting storyline this time, based on the awe-inspiring themes, and the world as depicted by “Sight”. The new extended version is set in the near future where uber advanced technologies like smart contact lenses have replaced smartphones, and next-gen technologies like Augmented Reality seem to be the order of the day. 

The main protagonist of the new film is a young guy named Patrick who suffers from social anxiety and Agoraphobia. The story takes a new turn when Patrick starts using a new OS in his contract lenses which helps him to deal with his anxieties and also empowers him to work towards his life goals. And Patrick does this by gamifying everything, and soon, life starts to become exciting.  But amidst all this, Patrick could not realize that while AI is helping him to be more social and productive, it’s also making him hopelessly dependent on it.  

“We are really excited to come up with a new extended version of our critically acclaimed 2012 film (Sight). We are passionate about video games and films, and ‘Sight’ was largely influenced by two of our strongest passions. Now, with the extended version, we are all set to take it even a notch higher. We have been working on it for years now, and you have a more engrossing and awe-inspiring thriller waiting for you here. “Sight: Extended” will open up a new paradigm of the tech-driven world we are possibly set to encounter soon,” stated the talented director-duo.

Backers will be rewarded with cool tees, an invitation in the pre-premiere private screening, credits as Associate Producer or Executive Producer and so on. 

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