Yuan Datou in Three Years and Ten Years

Big head Yuan
Weight: 26.5G 26.6g in three years and 26.5G in ten years
Diameter: 3.9 cm

“Yuan Datou” is known as the treasure of silver yuan in the money collection circle. It is the most influential silver yuan in nearly 1,000 kinds of modern silver coins in China, and also an important role in the reform of modern Chinese currency system. Yuan Datou has always been the “darling” of the ancient coin market. Many Tibetan friends have a special love for them because of their specific historical value and collection value, so Yuan Datou has always been a hot spot in the ancient coin market.

This coin is Yuan Datou in the ten years of the Republic of China. The face of the coin is Yuan Shikai’s side figure. It was made in the ten years of the Republic of China in the year of upset casting. The back of the coin is Jiahe decoration. The middle coin is worth a lot of money. The word “mouth” in the back of the coin forms a “delta” shape. It also refers to the growing and thriving rice. It implies that the country attaches great importance to agriculture and mulberry, and takes people’s livelihood as its foundation; another idea takes the homonym of family harmony, implies the meaning of “home and everything is prosperous”; the politicians above coinage have the vision of national peace, good luck and good luck, folk collection, implies the auspicious treasure of “home and everything is prosperous”, which has high collection and research value. This coin has excellent appearance, natural pulp, soft luster, clear texture, excellent texture, beautiful portrait and font shape, standard production, very artistic beauty, high market appreciation space and historical research value, it is worth collecting.

These two coins are “Yuan Datou in the Three Years of the Republic of China”. The diameters of the two silver coins are about 3.9 centimeters. The front side of the coin is engraved with the profile of Yuan Shikai. The six characters “Three Years of the Republic of China” are listed above. The value of the coin on the back is the word “Yi Yi” and the word “mouth” on the back forms a “delta” shape. The left and right sides of the coin are Jiahe grain composed of rice ears. In ancient times, the seedlings with abnormal growth, such as two ears, two seedlings and three seedlings, were called Jiahe. They are thought to be symptoms of political clarity and peace in the world. The surface of the coin is smooth and smooth, the edge teeth are excellent, the casting technology is exquisite, the shape is regular, the carving technology is very exquisite, which is worth collecting.

Yuan Datou in the three years of the Republic of China has historical edification, is a highly valuable revolutionary cultural relic, with far-reaching historical commemorative significance; the precious three years of the Republic of China Yuan Datou recorded the great history of the 1911 Revolution, especially the better quality is more scarce, so it is very popular with collectors. It is a treasure sought by coin lovers and collectors. This collection is well preserved, with clear handwriting patterns, obvious use of edge teeth and moist pulp. It has high investment and collection value.

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