Reach a New Market With NRS DOOH Media

National Retail Solutions (NRS) Launches New Digital Out of Home Media Service. NRS DOOH Media offers an in-store advertising network of over 8,000 stores, with customer-facing ads at checkout counters nationwide!

NEWARK – JULY 29, 2019 – National Retail Solutions (NRS) is the operator of one of the nation’s largest point-of-sale networks for independent retailers. Until now, NRS has been known for providing a robust point of sale system with powerful software for independent grocery, liquor and tobacco retailers. The POS includes one-touch Boss Revolution® pinless recharge, a built in, free loyalty program and seamless integration with NRS PAY (and other) credit card processing. NRS recently introduced NRS DOOH Media, a terminal-based ad platform that enables advertisers to target customers independent retailers nationwide. NRS DOOH Media is perfect for local, regional and national brands looking to reach customers in a shopping environment. 

Says Elie Y. Katz, founder, President & CEO of National Retail Solutions, “We empathize with our customers, who strive to compete effectively with larger chain stores. We give small and mid-sized Mom ‘n’ Pop stores powerful tools to help them survive and thrive. So we’re offering on-screen advertising at the point of purchase to help boost branding awareness and increase customer spending. The NRS point of sale system is an ecosystem to bridge relationships between merchants and their loyal customers.”

NRS DOOH Media operates in over 8,000 locations across the United States, across 45 states. NRS DOOH Media, using point of sale data, has the ability to provide comprehensive reports to advertisers and brands on the effectiveness of their campaigns. 

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A few years ago, NRS saw a dual void in the convenience store market. Merchants had a hard time keeping up with competitors as technology solutions were very expensive.  At the same time, advertisers had a hard time reaching the consumers in convenience stores. To fill this void, we created the NRS POS terminal with dual facing screens. This solved the merchants’ issue by providing a low cost, high quality system to help operate their business. It also gave advertisers the opportunity to speak directly to a very powerful niche and a growing part of the population,” said Eli Korn, COO of NRS, and Managing Director of NRS DOOH Media. 

NRS DOOH Media works with many clients in the consumer packaged goods (CPG), insurance, and telecom industries such as Metro PCS, Cricket Wireless, Procter and Gamble (P&G), and Anheuser Busch. NRS DOOH Media is looking to expand its already strong network of partners to enable more companies to access the valuable independent retailer community.

To learn more about NRS DOOH Media, NRS, and its POS system visit our website at or call us at 844-687-6334.

About National Retail Solutions (NRS):

NRS operates a point-of-sale (POS) terminal-based platform and merchant services for independent retailers and bodega owners nationwide. The point of sale platform provides a robust portfolio of tools to help these retailers compete more effectively, including inventory tracking, store statistics, user management, integration with Boss Revolution® communication and payment services, and integration with the BR Club loyalty program. Optional NRS PAY credit card processing can be integrated seamlessly with the POS. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers are able to leverage the NRS platform to provision promotions, coupons and special offers to independent retailers and their predominantly urban customer bases nationwide. NRS PAY is a service of National Retail Solutions. NRS is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT).

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