Let’s Hyde Resort Sees Increase in Bookings with Helping Hotels’ Solutions

North Pattaya, Thailand – July 29, 2019 – Let’s Hyde Resort & Villas in North Pattaya, Thailand, announced that it has partnered with Helping Hotels. The marketing and software solution for independent hotels makes it easier for visitors around the world to locate accommodations that offer a superior experience that isn’t reliant upon third-party booking engines.

Let’s Hyde Resort & Villas is a 4 star tropical getaway that offers a variety of amenities and eco-friendly options to make any stay memorable. Guests can enjoy physical activities such p’etanques or engage in a meeting of the minds over a game of chess.

The resort features 86 rooms and villas with the feel of an island paradise in the heart of the city. Guests can enjoy two swimming pools, weekend brunch and the eco pool club and booking direct will include breakfast and better rates.

The resort is ideal for couples, but it’s also family-friendly. Visitors can pre-schedule a variety of services when they book for better pricing and rates. Individuals can book a babysitter, schedule a one-day tour, or a meeting space for a business group or a party as part of a destination wedding. Individuals can also rent a bicycle, book an electric scooter, or rent a motorbike.

Helping Hotels is a complete, all-in-one marketing and direct booking solution that has a myriad of benefits for hotels. It can boost direct bookings by up to 800 percent that enables owners to generate greater profits, build long-lasting relationships with visitors, and create more repeat business.

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The service has no startup costs and Helping Hotels only earns when clients do. Each marketing and branding solution is tailored to the client and incorporates features that include seamless property management, booking engine, and a new mobile-friendly website design to make it the client’s best performing booking channel and most profitable booking engine.

The partnership between Let’s Hyde Resort & Villas and Helping Hotels is mutually beneficial, providing branding and booking opportunities for revenue generation. It also adds greater value and savings for guests when they skip third-party booking engines and book directly on the hotel’s website.

For more information, visit: https://letshyde.com/


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