Exportimes Announces to Supply Ice Cream Display Cart & Ice Cream Bike for Sale & Delivery of Ice Creams

For presenting, selling and delivering ice creams in a presentable and efficient manner, Exportimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd maintains a stock of Ice Cream Carts, Ice Cream Bikes.

People enjoy the delicacy of an ice cream. The joy of eating ice cream gets multiplied when it is displayed and sold in a presentable manner. Moreover, when an ice cream is presented in a frozen and fresh condition, it lures every customer. This is the reason why ice cream carts should have freezing units that can save ice creams from melting and help preserve its shape, hardness and the taste as well. Exportimes has now attractively designed ice cream carts for displaying ice creams in a presentable manner. At the same time, the carts are designed with an efficient cooling mechanism to avoid ice creams from melting.

According to the spokesperson of the company, one can check their mobile Ice Cream Cart designs on their website. These mobile push carts can be used for selling ice creams in streets, parks, beaches and other places. Most of these come with four wheels and are easy to transport from one place to another by simply pulling or pushing them. The carts come with an impressive display unit with the temperature maintained at a specific level so that ice creams do not melt away. Engineered with a great efficiency, these carts meet the standards of the CE certification for Europe and also the EC Certification for China. The carts have the facility of automatic defrost using hot gases, and it’s a low noise process. With a 60mm thick polyurethane based insulation, it guarantees minimal dispersion and also helps in reducing the running cost.

Exportimes Announces to Supply Ice Cream Display Cart & Ice Cream Bike for Sale & Delivery of Ice Creams

The company also brings a beautiful Ice Cream Display Cart selection, which includes display carts in a variety of designs. They have creative wood ice cream kiosk, glass display ice cream cabinet cart, mobile ice cream catering cart, small ice cream display cart with a freezer, ice cream display cart with pans, mobile bicycle ice cream display cart and others. Besides their wonderful appearance, these display carts come with advanced functional features. The spokesperson states that they can customize the size and color of these display carts according to the requirements of a client. The display carts come fitted with premium hardware for their durable performance. There are attractive LED lights to improve the looks of the carts.

Exportimes also brings Ice Cream Bikes for sale and delivery of ice creams. An Ice Cream Bike will allow ice cream vendors to reach different locations for selling ice creams. The company has a variety of bikes for the purpose, such as tricycle ice cream bike cart, solar powered ice cream bikes, electric ice cream bike carts, front loading three-wheel ice cream bike with solar panels, street mobile solar ice cream bike with a freezer, multi-purpose ice cream cargo bike and others. These ice cream bikes are available in many designs and colors, and they can also customize it for different clients.

To glimpse through different types of ice cream carts and displays the company supplies, one can visit the website https://www.exportimes.com

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