Wellington’s most trusted dentist raises awareness on the importance of visiting the dentist regularly

WELLINGTON, FLORIDA – One of the most common non-communicable diseases or NCDs which affect people throughout their lifetime is an oral disease which causes a lot of discomforts, pain and ultimately death.

The Global Burden Disease released a statistic last year that there are an estimated 3.58 billion people or half of the world’s entire population is affected with various dental problems or dental caries which in the simpler term is tooth decay which is permanent teeth that are being the most prevalent condition that was assessed during this study.

There is also severe gum disease that results in tooth loss where it was eleventh to be the most prevalent disease in the entire world which also includes severe tooth loss.

Because of this alarming rate, dentists around the world are urged to intensify their own awareness campaign about the consequences of not visiting a dentist. Joining this movement is none other than Wellington, Florida’s top dental company, Smile Designs Dental Office which is considered also as the most trusted Dentist Wellington has.

The dental company composed of general and cosmetic headed by Dr. Sergio Rauchwerger DMD along with the rest of his dental team specialists are encouraging the people of Wellington, Florida to frequently visit their dentist on top of having a healthy and regular oral hygiene.

Smile Designs Dental Office also has the best Cosmetic dentist Wellington has.

According to Dr. Rauchwerger, there are six reasons why a person should always or regularly visit a dentist and these are:

1. Oral cancer detection – As everybody knows, cancer is a life-threatening disease and oral cancer is one of the most diagnosed cancers in the world. This can manifest itself in many ways without a person knowing it on its early onset because oral cancer usually is not diagnosed immediately and can develop quickly which can threaten your health and ultimately your life. Through the innovative and non-invasive VELscope technology, the dentist can immediately tell if you have oral cancer or not through this procedure.

2. Prevents Cavities, plaque and tartar – Regardless if you brush your teeth and floss it thoroughly twice or three times a day, you are not exempted to have plaques, tartar, and cavities knowing that there are some hard to reach areas in your mouth are not cleaned thoroughly through brushing and flossing which only a dentist has the capability of cleaning it properly.

3. Prevents Gum disease – Gingivitis and periodontitis are the two most common gum disease a person can have because of plaque and tartar buildup surrounding the teeth and the gum area. This can cause swelling and painful gum infection which weakens the grip of the tooth which causes tooth loss eventually.

4. Controls vices and bad habits – For chain smokers, caffeine dependents and those who love to drink carbonated beverages, visiting the dentist will help you curb these bad habits by giving you advises that will benefit your health.

5. Regular X-Ray examination – Having an X-ray every six months with your dentist will help you determine if you have any problem with your oral health particularly your teeth and your jaw which a regular checkup cannot diagnose.

6. Checking the lymph nodes – Lymph nodes are the ones that tell you that you are sick or something bad is happening in your body if it swells around your neck, head, and your throat area. This could alert medical experts immediately if you have something bad in your body by checking the lymph nodes by the dentist.

If you are planning to schedule an appointment with the best Wellington dentist, Dr. Rauchwerger anytime soon, you can freely visit the clinic at 3975 Isles View Dr. Wellington, Fl 33414 or call them at telephone (561) 798-7807, Fax: 561-422-3276, if you are planning to have Teeth whitening Wellington.

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