Frederick MD’s top dentists identify the top five common dental problems

Frederick MD’s top dentists identify the top five common dental problems

FREDERICK, MARYLAND – A study a few years back found out that Americans spent more than a hundred billion dollars each year on dental care, and if you calculate it, that is actually worth a lot of money.

For sure you are one of those who contributed to that amount, or even your friends, relatives, and family. However, did you know that there are some easy steps that you avoid spending money from treating toothaches and other dental-related problems?

So what are the most common dental problems that caused Americans to spend more than a hundred million dollars?

According to one of the trusted dental company in Frederick, Maryland, My Dentist Frederick there are seven most common dental problems that cause Americans to visit their dentists frequently.

1. Tooth decay and cavities – Topping the list is tooth decay which is perhaps the most prevalent dental issue one can have. According to statistics released by the American Dental Association (ADA), there are a hundred percent of adults ages twenty to sixty-four have had cavities in their teeth. Tooth extractions or dental fillings are the most common treatment for this.

2. Gum disease – Another very common dental problem that many people endure is gum disease which is when your gums are infected due to the plaque toxins. Also known as periodontal disease the most common diseases that one can acquire are gingivitis and periodontitis where your gums are usually swollen and turns red which also bleeds frequently.

3. Yellowing teeth – Teeth discoloration is normal, however, for some people, it is the effects of nicotine and alcohol and unhealthy diet. Teeth which are stained or discolored are the results of the food and substances that people intake.

4. Sensitive teeth – The nerve-endings of your teeth have a layer which they call dentin. If the dentin is exposed, this will cause you pain and sensitivity especially cold drinks and food. Aside from cold drinks and foods, heat, acid, and sweetness also cause discomfort in your teeth.

5. Toothaches – The dreadful and painful condition that a lot of people experience is when your teeth have tooth decays or your wisdom teeth start to expose itself. Also, gum infections and damaged teeth cause toothaches.

If you are suffering either one of these five common dental problems, you can freely visit My Frederick Dentist anytime during business days.

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