TGnetwork will rebuild New network protocol based on 5G/Blockchain/AI/IoT

With the rapid development of global technology today, the demand for high-performance Internet architecture is growing. However, the current Internet infrastructure is still the structure of the 1990s, and it is fundamentally unable to meet the needs of contemporary technological development. A series of things such as technology monopoly and data leakage show that the world needs a new underlying protocol to meet the evolving new demands.

TGnetwork is coming! TGnetwork is positioned in the underlying network protocol of the new century. This network protocol will completely rebuild the current Internet infrastructure and build a new ecosystem of equality, freedom, openness, stability and efficiency!

TGnetwork is reconfiguring an Internet network protocol based on 5G/blockchain/artificial intelligence/IoT infrastructure. TGnetwork is rebuilding a new Internet ecosystem. All users will become co-constructors of the underlying facilities of this network protocol, and participate in the same, while the data of the users participating in it are encrypted, no longer monopolized by giants and many companies.

The current 5G technology, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence technology and Internet of Things technology are developing at a high speed. These technologies have greatly improved the efficiency of users and enterprises. There is a need for an effective way to connect them together as an underlying architecture to serve global users. The concept and principle of TGnetwork is that the technology is based on the original bottom layer, drawing on the mature scheme design, and creating a new ecological architecture based on the general technical standards of 5G/artificial intelligence/blockchain/Internet of Things and the ecological value certificate TG.

The ecological architecture of TGnetwoerk is as follows. The TGnetwork network protocol architecture is divided into five levels: 5G Physical Infrastructure, TGnetwork, DS Layer,AI/IOT Layer and Layer 5. The TGnetwork network protocol is based on 5G standard technology, and 5G technology provides the underlying foundation that can guarantee the entire network to carry billions of users.

The network layer of TGnetwork uses the latest encryption and accounting technology, and has designed a unique R-DPOS (Random Delegated Proof of Stake) mechanism to ensure that the number of nodes in the entire ecological network reaches tens of millions and billions. The -DPOS mechanism will randomly select trusted nodes from all nodes to ensure continuity of the entire decentralized network. TGnetwork can fully realize the security, decentralization and scalability of the current blockchain world.

TGnetwork technology uses a lot of user-friendly technologies to ensure the rapid speed of the entire network based on 5G technology; blockchain technology provides value transfer solutions; decentralized storage guarantees storage security; IDS service pairs The data and network of the entire network are actively protected; artificial intelligence makes the Dapp service of the entire network ecological more efficient; the Internet of Things technology provides the entire ecological node service; the TG privacy protocol protects the user’s data twice.

TGnetwork will become a value service for billions of users around the world in the future. TG will continue to increase its value as an eco-token, and its future potential will be unlimited!

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