First-ever eco-friendly glamping resort in Kefalonia debuts on IndieGoGo

ALONIWERK represents the first glamping resort on the spectacular island of Kefalonia. The entire retreat is handmade, eco-friendly, and equipped with all modern amenities.

Great news for those looking forward to spend their holidays in style and amid nature, far away from the hustle-bustle of the city life. A new Indiegogo campaign introduces the first-ever glamping resort nestled in the panoramic lands of the idyllic Kefalonia island. Titled “ALONIWERK,” the eco-friendly resort is handmade by a Munich-based Kullack family who has been staying in the lovely island for years and now wishes to share their personalized Greek holiday experience with fellow travelers. 

The first of its kind in Kefalonia, ALONIWERK presents a quiet, beautiful and cozy retreat, spanning across 10,000 sq.m. green terraces- overlooking the spectacular wooded, hilly region of Paliki peninsula. The resort features fully equipped & furnished luxury glamping pods, tents, and tent cabins amid unspoiled natural surroundings.  ALONIWERK is designed and built on the ethos of “sustainable tourism” for the protection and preservation of Mother Earth. The campsite is located outside Rifi village.

“We have been under the mesmerizing spell of Kefalonia ever since we first landed here. It has been ten years now, and we still haven’t got enough of the unmatched aura of this beautiful island. We wish to share our love for this lovely Ionian island with you and gift you a truly extraordinary and unforgettable glamping vacation amid ethereal natural surrounds. Our desire to share our love for Kefalonia has led us to build the first-ever glamping resort of the island which we have named ‘ALONIWERK,’“ stated Alexandra, one of the Kullacks who has had been living in the island for decades.

“We heartily welcome you to our plush yet eco-friendly retreat where we will introduce you to the warm locals, the natural scenic beauty of the place, exciting flora, and fauna and also unlock a sense of freedom and thrilling adventure for you.”

ALONIWERK houses various accommodation options made from natural materials. The entire glamping space features:

  • 5 glamping housing
  • 3 luxury tents
  • 6 camper spots
  • 3 tents
  • main building
  • parking space
  • sanitary rooms
  • pool

“ALONIWERK is your’ home away from home’. It’s designed for those who are looking forward to experience activities in nature, attain insights of traditional culinary cultures and life and aspiring to observe the pristine beauty of nature up-close.”

Speaking further, Alexandra said they would also organize day trips as well as customized tours for ALONIWERK guests. Activities would range from a picnic in the vineyard to memorable hikes through exquisite beaches and landscapes. 

“If you are longing for a holiday where you will wake up to the sweet sound of birds and goat herds and spend the night under bright stars with fellow travelers from all over the world- ALONIWERK is ‘the’ place for you. However, such a large project demands robust financial backup and also legal compliance that shoots up the charges further. Thus, this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring this beauty to life and also allow all of us to promote sustainable tourism actively.”

Backers will be rewarded with discounts on ALONIWERK accommodation, amazing photos of the island, ALONIWERK t-shirts and so on.

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