Adriana Rosales Launches “Corporate Code,” A Rising Amazon Bestseller On Corporate Leadership and Engagement

Adriana Rosales, a popular Amazon new release author, has released her latest work, “Corporate Code,” which offers readers an in-depth, bottom-up perspective on great leadership in the corporate world and revolutionizes the way businesses do business.

In “Corporate Code,” rethink how modern employers treat their employees through a “HeartCentered Approach” to leadership and executive management to better engage their employees. Learn about redefining the modern corporation and develop tools to implement “the code” to bridge the gap between bosses and employees. To do this, readers must embrace newfound knowledge, demonstrate true leadership qualities, and show employees direction both for themselves and their companies to achieve by-in and support.

“My intention behind writing this book was to help heal our corporate environments,” exclaimed Rosales. “Over years of navigating the corporate ladder and experiencing the American corporation complex firsthand, I thought I had much to contribute to the discussion concerning corporate leadership. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these stories and to engage in a in discussions concerning corporate leadership and employee engagement with my readers.”

The 162-page book, published by BookPatch, has earned a 5-star average customer rating on Amazon for its thoughtful, in-depth approach to the American corporation, corporate leadership, and modern gaps between bosses and employees. 

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About The Author

Adrianna Rosales is a John Maxwell certified speaker, business coach, teacher, and entrepreneur. HeartMath® Certified and an educator of personal resilience and self-regulation, Rosales mentors business professionals on the six core HeartMath’s tools and techniques. An accomplished military veteran, she brings her background and years of experience navigating the corporate ladder in the telecommunication and finance industries to the front lines in “Corporate Code.”

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