Brooklynz Releases A Report On The Metal Fabrication Global Industry Trends 2019

Brooklynz Offers Deep Insight On Metal Fabrication Trends, Revenue And Growth

The pundits of stainless steel and metal fabrication, Brooklynz Stainless Steel, studied the trends in the industry to build a snapshot of the upcoming decade.


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The procedure of forming metal structures using raw metalwork pieces is known as metal fabrication. It is a value-added service because it includes completely deforming the raw material and then reforming it in a new structure. The process necessitates numerous sub-processes like metal cutting, metal machining, metal forming, and metal welding.

Commonly, a metal fabrication service provider caters to many services under one roof including shearing, cutting, and welding. A metal fabricator depends on iron and steel manufacturers, resellers, and building contracts to satisfy the requirements of clients. This interlinking necessitates a close on the entire industry, including trends and growth.

On the Metal Fabrication Global Industry Trends 2019 report, Brooklynz notes, “The Sheet Metal Fabrication Services market has an estimated growth CAGR of 2.55% over the next four years. Most of it can be contributed to the heavy investment of defense, construction, automotive and aerospace industry. They are the growth drivers in the field. Moreover, metal fabrication is now an imperative part of almost all end-user industries. It is promoting the expansion of the sector even more. The demand for metal fabrication products is only going to rise in the coming half-decade.”

The report also elucidates the regions fueling the rise of metal fabrication. The constant development, along with the massive investment in the APAC region, is augmenting the market for metal and stainless-steel products. It has created mammoth opportunities for not just vendors but also manufacturers. Currently, the APAC region accounts for 43% of the market in terms of revenue.

A representative of Brooklynz Stainless Steel noted, “End-user industry and development in the Asia Pacific is just the tip of the iceberg. The metal fabrication sector has also benefitted from technological evolutions in manufacturing. As the segment evolves with time thanks to the advancement in technology, it pushes metal fabrication further too. We are just at the start of the growth. Globally, metal fabrication is set to achieve the USD 21 billion mark by 2024. Considering the market value was a mere USD 16 billion in 2015, it is tremendous progress.”

Industry-wise, construction holds the maximum share of the metal fabrication market. It is predicted that the industry will hold its position until 2023. When seen growth-wise, then the manufacturing industry will outbid the end-user segment in metal fabrication.

The report by Brooklynz also touches upon ERP technologies and software and their impact on metal fabrication. The advancement in these tools has made data more accessible for fabricators, which has eased decision making.  Operational productivity and efficiency have also enhanced due to computer-aided manufacturing technologies.  The only threat the industry faces is from 3D printing, but that day is far in the future currently. The present advancements and investments all but ensure that the worldwide metal fabrication market attains a higher level in the coming period.

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