SNOWPLUS E-COFFEE AGE Global Launch Held In Beijing

Coffee is a beverage that human beings have consumed for thousands of years. The mellow flavor and refreshing role of coffee, along with the social contact scenes derived by its culture, made coffee consumption become an important element in city life.

Recently, coffee lovers in China ushered in a revolutionary way of caffeine intake, and the brand-new coffee experience is expected to gain popularity in more and more countries all over the world.

On July 29, in Beijing, SNOWPLUS E-coffee made its world debut, and hundreds of fans and journalists witnessed the opening of the ‘E-COFFEE AGE’ together. As an innovative masterpiece of long-term investigation and R&D, SNOWPLUS will march into the new Blue Ocean for coffee consumption with this first global electron designed for cigarette cartridge.

By virtue of the electronic atomization technology, while retaining and presenting the coffee flavor, the “E-COFFEE” also makes consumers benefit from the refreshing essence of coffee at any time and any place.

SNOWPLUS’s “E-COFFEE” works in an innovative manner. Tens of thousands of micrometer-sized pores are heated simultaneously by use of the “TrueFeel” honeycomb ceramic atomization technology, hence the taste of the inhalation becomes smoother and richer. The core components of the device such as “Air Inlet” conform to “Inspection Standard for Food Equipment” of FDA, making the product safer and more reliable. The main ingredient of SNOWPLUS E-COFFEE pod is extracted from natural coffee, and added with food-grade glycerin in order to increase the layers and complexity of atomized coffee flavor. A single “E-COFFEE” pod can be used in about 300 mouthfuls, and when it guarantees the refreshing role, its effect to users is no more than the actual consumption of coffee, which makes it safe and unburdened.

SNOWPLUS and its products are developed by “American Reverie Lab”. Established in New York, USA in 2016, the Reverie Lab focused on providing safe and healthy nicotine replacement scheme for global consumers, and innovating atomization coffee as well as Zero-nicotine products. In June 2019, SNOWPLUS announced to have received the “A-round” investment of USD 40 million from multiple frontier venture capital and individual investors, and in the mean time, the sales volume of the electronic atomizing products of SNOWPLUS were constantly being developed, taking into account the high-quality product experience and breakthrough marketing model. At present,SNOWPLUS has already entered into the first tier of E-cigarette sales in China, and is ranked among the top 3 in the world in this niche.

“Now, SNOWPLUS is actively opening up its global market and fully exploring regional sales channels in North America, Southeast Asia, East Asia and Africa, and beyond that. We hope that the global consumers can experience the innovative products from SNOWPLUS together”, said Derek Li, the co-founder and head of the Overseas Business Department of SNOWPLUS.

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