BookRabbit: GoodReads Old Rival, Back With Focus on Self Help Books

Many avid readers might remember, back in 2009, BookRabbit was making waves as a book portal. It was a competitor to the now Almighty GoodReads.

It had a lot going for it then, was well respected and followed by the reader’s community.

Unfortunately, unlike goodreads that received funding, BookRabbit closed operations few years back after it was unable to raise funds to sustain. It was a sad moment because they really had some useful features and also connected small book traders who were able to offer good prices.

But there’s good news; BookRabbit has been revived now in 2019 and will operate in a new form. Managing Director Vijay Janardhan says “We will operate with a narrower focus, we will exclusively be about non-fiction self help books and will do it thoroughly well.”

With the focus solely on self help books, Bookrabbit looks unique and does seem to offer a complete experience with their blog, forum and community reviews sections all tending to non-fiction books.

They plan to mainly serve the American audience, but their head office is in India, although they have plans to setup an office in Virginia by November.

Bookrabbit self help books community is clearly aimed at the “advanced book reader”, people who buy 5 or more books a year, people who aim to learn from books and who like to chat about them on forums.

BookRabbit Editor Victor Harrington says “Our website attempts to combine a sense of community and sharing instead of functioning as an online book store. We do not sell books and we probably never will. It’s purely intended as a community of readers.”

The website has shed some useful features of the old. The online bookshelf feature is gone, although the company says they are working hard to bring the feature back. Also gone is the “Independent Book Retailers” marketplace, it was something that connected thousands of IBRs with customers a few years back.

But why only focus on self help books? ”There are plenty of other websites that do the book store or book review stuff very well. We wanted to do something that will change lives, offer a platform that will mainly focus on personal development books. I think that’s a slightly neglected area and the people deserve a good community website like bookrabbit with that kind of focus,” said Vijay Janardhan.

it’s definitely a good concept, time will reveal if BookRabbit will once again be able to garner the glory of the past. The website has a good interface and there is no reason why it will not have a fighting chance as a social network centered around self help books.

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