Pegasun Releases System Utilities V5.3, designed to significantly improve computer performance and battery life

New System Utilities speeds up computer performance dramatically and increases the battery life laptops

31 Jul, 2019 – Phoenix, AZ – Pegasun, a company specializing in computer optimization software, announced today that they are releasing an update to Pegasun System Utilities V5.3, their main product. This is a major update to their already stable and proven software designed to maximize the performance of all PCs. This update involves several improvements, such as improved cleaning, optimization, enhanced battery life, and better security for all Windows based PCs.

When asked about the needs for these types of products, Paul Mace, Pegasun spokesman states “Personal Computers (both Desktop and Laptop) becomes much slower as time goes on due to various reasons such as Unnecessary programs operating in the background, more items being loaded into RAM, Junk Files building up from browsing, and so on. For that reason, using a weekly computer maintenance software is critical to keeping your computer performing as well as it was intended. We suggest our latest V5.3 System Utilities for this purpose.”

Some of System Utilities V5.3’s appealing changes include:

  • Introducing a new app called “Windows 10 Optimizer”.
  • Improves Windows efficiency significantly with a multitude of optimizations, tweaks, and management of resources.
  • Improves all Windows-based PC’s responsiveness, overall feeling, startup, and browsing velocity.
  • Increases the battery life of laptops (especially turned on with Turbo Mode).
  • Debloat Windows 10 and helps get rid of pre-installed unwanted bloatware applications.

System Utilities
V5.3 provides both the completely free and paid version. For those who don’t want to install it, they also offer a portable version.

About Pegasun

Pegasun is an internet software company based in Phoenix, AZ. Founded in 2017, Pegasun has designed, developed, and distributed their computer optimization software to over a million customers globally. In recognition of their software, Pegasun System Utilities has many positive media and user reviews throughout the internet.

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