Good Gummy is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Pharmacy Stores Nationwide.

Good Gummy is utilizing Mr. Checkout\'s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Pharmacy Stores Nationwide.

Beauty Bunny Vitamins for healthier hair, skin and nails – 100% vegan, gluten and cruelty free!
GoodGummy beauty vitamins are formulated using the highest quality ingredients and are designed for both women and men who desires healthier hair, skin and nails. A hair, skin and nails multi vitamins loaded with biotin – 5000mcg, enhanced with coconut oil, low in sugar, and high potency. GoodGummy vitamins are made without any artificial sweeteners and flavors and are always 100% Vegan, Gluten Free and Animal Cruelty-Free.

There’s a New Vitamin in Town and It’s Cute as Can Be

Here at GoodGummy, our teams searched far and wide to bring together the tastiest and most effective ingredients for our hair, skin and nail boosting vitamin, Beauty Bunny. Which meant we went through a lot of iterations before we landed on our final formulation. With an emphasis on vegan and gluten free ingredients, that sent us down a rabbit hole, pun intended, of choosing only the highest quality ingredients to pair with our vegan and gluten free standards. We are so proud to present our super sweet Good Gummy Bunny a cruelty free, 100% vegan vitamin!

Countless formulations hit the floor for a plethora of reasons, flavor, color, purity of ingredients. We weren’t going to rest until we found the perfect formulation of B-Vitamins, without sacrificing our vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free standards in conjunction with maintaining effectiveness of our product.

Last year, we finally landed on a winner and we are so excited to bring it to market this year, Berry flavored, it’s hard to only eat the recommended serving of two. The bunny’s are packed full of biotin, 15% more than any other gummy vitamin on the market, low in sugar, free of artificial sweeteners, and enhanced with everyone’s favorite, coconut oil, there is so much to love about GoodGummy.

Beauty starts on the inside. Not only does a winning personality shine brighter the sun, but health truly starts with what we are ingesting and we can think of no better foundation to lay than with quality vitamins. In the 2019 market, where the latest health and beauty trends and products, center around a lifestyle we saw an opportunity to create a movement with our sweet beauty bunny gummy. It also held us to high standards, knowing we wanted to be more than just a vitamin on the shelf but also a product someone was truly excited about taking, and seeing the benefits and effects in their long term beauty goals.

At over 90,000 followers on Instagram the brand and buzz around GoodGummy is quickly growing with no end in sight, and we are so excited we get to walk alongside our brand enthusiasts, and continue to foster a fun, energetic, health conscious, positive community.

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