New OpenPath Integration with FlexPay Makes Switching to Incredible Subscription Payment Model for Traditional eCommerce Merchants

Montreal, QC – July 31, 2019 – FlexPay is proud to announce a partnership with OpenPath for the delivery of decline-salvage services to a broader market.

“For traditional eCommerce merchants looking to transition into a subscription-based payment model, one of the most daunting obstacles is the high decline rate of recurring credit card billing”, explains Darryl Hicks, CEO of FlexPay. 

“This new integration with OpenPath represents the easiest way for a new group of eCommerce merchants to sample FlexPay’s services, without risking the substantial investment that would normally accompany this kind of technological lift,” Hicks expands.

OpenPath’s reputation as a premier curator of world-class payment infrastructure makes it an ideal candidate for consolidation with FlexPay. OpenPath not only helps merchants accelerate payments, but also take control of risk and fraud. Merchants that run OpenPath’s technology complete more transactions and make more money – guaranteed.

“It’s a brave new world for online sellers,” muses OpenPath COO Joe Watkins. “Our ultimate goal is to provide feature-complete, end-to-end solutions for eCommerce merchants. So they don’t have to go to several different integration partners when they’re ready to make the leap to subscriptions. Up until now, everyone has wanted all the pieces, but nobody has been wired to deliver all the pieces together. We’ve finally changed that.” 

“When it comes to the decline-salvage space, we consider FlexPay to be best-in-breed, and as a result, are very excited to forge this alliance,” Watkins continues.

FlexPay anticipates the first new OpenPath customers to be activated within 10 business days.

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FlexPay delivers the world’s highest AI-driven decline salvage rates for eCommerce subscription-based merchants, by pairing powerful technology with proprietary data.

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About OpenPath

Openpath provides low-friction access to world-class transacting options with the added value of a consolidated platform. With global reach and integration with hundreds of processors, they give the widest options for monetizing business traffic.

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