Scientist develops, patents revolutionary new technology to eliminate air pollution

A US-educated Indian researcher has developed a unique technology that, for the first time, promises to reduce and even eliminate air pollution, and it’s not simply an academic theory – he’s proven it works.

Nimesh Topiwala graduated North Carolina State University in Raleigh after studying computer science. He lived and worked in the US for over ten years before deciding to return to India. About eight years ago, he began to study the possibility of using scalar wave technology in an effort to rid specific areas of air pollution.

In December 2018, Topiwala was able to register a provisional patent for a “System and Method for Reducing and Eliminating Air Pollution from a Geographical Area.” He followed that up by filing all claims with Intellectual Property India in March 2019.

This historic patent means that, for the first time, efforts to have clean air don’t have to be preventative—this technology destroys pollutants already in the air.

It uses satellite imagery of a city; scalar waves embedded with special frequencies ultimately reduce and nullify air pollution from the atmosphere of the city whose satellite image was used.

Topiwala is aware that this seems like scientific doubletalk. “It sounds very unbelievable and unscientific, too,” he said. “The Law of Resonance and Law of Quantum Entanglement are two core scientific principles behind the success of this technology.”

“In the most basic terms, it works like noise cancellation technology, but in this case, it cancels out radiant energy of the pollutants from the atmosphere, and eventually the pollutants cease to exist,” he continued.

So he applied the scalar wave technology to the Indian city of Pune, where he lives.  Prior to May 25th, 2018, the Shivaji Nagar area of Pune city was among the top 10 most polluted in all of India, having an Air Quality Index of 232. Within 15 days, Shivaji Nagar’s AQI improved dramatically – from 232 to 41. By June 4th, 2018, the same area was one of the Top 10 least polluted areas in India.

This development clearly holds great potential to help create a less-polluted, more healthy planet.

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