Dumpster Rentals Provides Safe Summer Practices for Working Outdoors

Dumpster Rentals Provides Safe Summer Practices for Working Outdoors
With summer weather entirely upon those working outdoors, the junk team at Rubbish Inc Dumpster Rental offers tips for keeping cool during the heat of the season.

Rubbish Inc Dumpster Rental and JD Rebold are pleased to announce that the dumpster rental firm has offered some suggestions about keeping cool when working outdoors.

The junk crew works outside every day, including those scorching Texas summers. From wearing sun blocking hats, long sleeve t-shirts and sunscreen for sun protection to carrying one-gallon insulated water bottles, the team is careful to provide for their safety and comfort through cooling measures.

Further details are available at https://www.rubbish-inc.com

A spokesperson for the dumpster and junk removal company explained, “Summer heat is something you cannot ignore. If you are working hard outdoor at completing a clean-up or haul-away project at your home or business, keeping your head covered with sun-blocking hats is important. This includes hats which are designed to protect sensitive spots like the back of the neck, the tips of the ears and your nose. Sunburn is not only painful; it can be a risk to your health long term.”

“While you may think that stripping down to minimal clothing is a good idea,” he continued, “you might be better off to wear a long-sleeved shirt made of a material which is designed to wick moisture away from your body. This will help to prevent sunburn and is actually cooler than bare skin exposed to the sun. If the work connected to the project has a likelihood of debris falling or blowing onto your skin, a shirt provides some skin protection as well as cooling. Always wear sunscreen, especially if your skin tone is pale.”

Staying hydrated when working in the heat is another tip for staying cool and more comfortable. It may seem like extra effort, but carrying one-gallon jugs of drinking water will help workers tolerate the heat more readily. Take time to drink enough water to replace the water lost through sweat and regular bodily functions.

Further details are available at https://www.rubbish-inc.com

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