Creative Biostructure Provides Comprehensive Catalogue of Liposome Products

Creative Biostructure Provides Comprehensive Catalogue of Liposome Products

Scientists in need of quality products involved in liposome preparation can now benefit from the comprehensive catalogue of liposome product in Creative Biostructure featuring time and cost-saving. Those products are designed to help improve the productivity and reliability of customers’ R&D.

Nowadays, increasing applications of liposomes have been seen made in carrying numerous molecules in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as well as in food and farming industries. Currently, because of severe side-effects and toxicity, quite a few drugs on the market can only be used in the direst situations. Many of these drugs have exceptional antimicrobial effect, however, the poor pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties limit their use. Drug encapsulation using liposomal or lipid drug delivery system can improve the problems mentioned above to such an extent. Therefore, the drugs can be brought into regular use with improved pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties.

Backed by years’ experience on liposome manufacturing and the available products, Creative Biostructure can support various applications and speculations including: diagnostic and therapeutic applications; basic studies of cell interactions, and recognition processes; model of action of certain substances; and delivery of new biotechnology products.

“Our catalogue contains the polycarbonate membranes, common lipids, small-scale extruders as well as proteins in liposomes or micelles.” Add Joanna, the chief marketing staff in Creative Biostructure, “Our high quality liposome products are prepared by experienced formulators using the highest quality lipids.”

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Creative Biostructure is specialized in providing contract services to both academia and biotech/pharmaceutical industries in the field of structural biology. We offer insightful strategies and cost-effective services on structure determination of macromolecules using X-ray Crystallography, EM, NMR, etc.


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