feisou shampoo, adopting plant essential oils to bring people a fabulous shampooing experience

Taking a bath is a good way to eliminate work fatigue and mental stress. The warm water flows slowly down the body, taking away fatigue and stress. The fragrance from the shampoo makes the bath more comfortable.  

If people want to figure out what diffuses the fragrant odor, they should first know essence, which plays a main role in flavoring in a shampoo. The senses are closely related to the part of the brain that control emotions, so the scent emitted by essence has great influence on a person’s mood. However, the six major neurotoxins announced by the National Academy of sciences in 1986 include essence that can damage the posterior central nervous system, cause birth defects, promote Alzheimer’s disease, and even induce cancer. In addition, the essence in a product is also an ingredient that can easily trigger an allergic reaction, therefore, people who are in preparation for pregnancy, lactation or with sensitive scalps are advised to use the shampoo without containing any essence.

With the deep understanding of the essence, people turn their attention to natural plant essential oils. What is the role of plant essential oils? People can learn about it from the aromatherapy, which is a natural treatment for relieving mental stress and improving physical health by using essential oils extracted from aromatic plants as media to massage, bath or burn incense. The excessive fatigue caused by mental work, physical work, excessive exercise, travel or long hours of computer operation can be relieved by aromatherapy.

feisou amino acid shampoo with the pH value of 5.5 that is similar to the one of human skin, cleans the scalp mildly, being unique in its use of natural plant essential oils instead of essence and pigment, showing the most natural color and sending out the freshest aroma. 

So far, feisou has launched four functional shampoos: orange flavored NOURISHING SMOOTHING shampoo, lemon flavored SCALP DEEP CLEANSING shampoo, mint flavored REFRESHING ANTI-DANDRUFF shampoo and ginger flavored HAIR ROOT STRENGTHENING shampoo, helping people solve their annoyance about hair and lighten their moods.

Of course, natural plant essential oils are highly volatile, which makes the fragrance of shampoos containing essential oils impossible to stay in the hair for a long time.

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